Can you help a friend out?

Last week I went to the funeral home. It’s never fun nor is it ever what you want to do. Now a young woman just beginning her life is without her partner and lifemate. She has 2 small children and one on the way. She was trying to go to college and begin her life when the accident happened. If you can find it in your heart to help please do. She is going to need lots of support in the years to come.  Thank you for considering this sweet family’s plight and taking notice. No amount is too small. As friends we are forever grateful you’ve considered helping her.

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  1. Sad to hear..I know how hard it is to be a single mom. I’m a single mom too, my dad passed away 2 weeks ago. He’s been a good father to my daughter but now that he’s gone I can’t help myself to cry over and over every time I remember how he treated my daughter as if he’s own daughter.

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