You ever get that sinking feeling in your gut?


You know the one where you just had to have that special something (PS3) *cough, cough*. Even though you have a PS2, Wii, and a xbox 360 with kinect. *cough, cough*. I hate spending money. I really dislike spending it on things we shouldn’t have purchased, paid too much for or do not need. In his haste to get the PS3 he didn’t remember to check prices and we paid $50 more then we should have.You know a special big box store with a red logo a lot of times has a $50 gift card with purchase deal.

That’s groceries people. Oh, how that bugs me. I can’t stand it. I know enough to know I will get over it. I know enough to know I have one of the sweetest dear hubby’s around and it doesn’t matter one bit. Even if it hurts my pocket book just a touch too much. Have you ever bought something and realized later you spent more then you needed too. If you can wait for a sale it’s always better. Sometimes you just can’t wait can you?


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