What can I do? I need decorating help!

I know this is a simple problem. I have no solutions. I am looking to you to please help me! I bought these 3 bottles at a yard sale. I think they are beautiful and want to keep them as they are. But to me they disappear into my brick fireplace. Here’s a pic.

So, then I thought I have an old mirror that I can put behind it and use it to amplify the bottles. But I already have a mirror hanging above the fireplace so it looks silly.

So, what do i do? Do I move the mirror above the fireplace to another wall. Or do I just leave the bottles on the shelf without the little mirror. Do you have another idea for me? I’m stumped! Help a girl out! 🙂

What about this one? Is this better?

PS I wish my Ipad 3 took better pictures.

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  1. Can you set them up on a pedestal in front of the current large mirror so it raises them up more even with the mirror?

  2. Really cool looking bottles. You’re right – don’t particularly care for the mirror behind them. But I like them – even just against the brick wall. Sorry – not much amazing help here. lol

  3. If you want to keep them at the end of the mantle, they’re going to get lost in the brick. You have a couple options. You could move them in… put them in front of the edge of the mirror, but that would require you to find something that looks good to the left of it on the outer edge.

    Or you could move them. The mirror looks great behind them, but not pushed against larger mirror.

    This reminds me of another space I saw. Look at this link, Mindy’s room, the view of the mantle. She uses bottles against a mirror there too. http://www.mykirklands.com/#/decorfor4/

  4. I like that better. It gives them some contrast! Nice option! Gotta love getting decorating help from all over the world!!! 🙂

  5. Could you get some wood from home depot, paint it to match the mantle, and put in the back, (like a back splash in a kitchen). Maybe something only 4″ high or so, so that the decor still goes above it, but so that it acts to accentuate all the pieces a little more.

    I like them much better in the new spot, and I wouldn’t change the color, I love how well they go with the rest of the decor. 🙂

    Good luck!

  6. Dina, I’m coming over per your request on Nashville Bloggers. 🙂

    Here’s my take on the bottles/mantle. If you look at the mantle as a whole picture, it seems you have too many items at or about the same height and also the same colors (which happen to be the colors of the brick as well), so there really isn’t much visual interest and maybe that’s why it isn’t working for you. Each thing stands alone, and I think what you may need is for them to work more as a vignette, or collection. If you’re looking for eye appeal, but want to keep the bottles the same color, then it may be a good idea to add some color interest elsewhere on the mantle, or better yet, to try an assymetrical arrangement.

    Try this arrangement for kicks and see what you think. What if you turned the mirror vertically and stood it to the left of the mantle (not to the end of the mantle, just to the left side). Then, you could take a horizontal piece, such as a piece of art, or even a piece of wood painted in a distressed white and lay that in front of the mirror, but off center. The object here is to get something behind the bottles that won’t compete for color, but rather make them stand out. Put the bottles off center with the horizontal piece. I would also put them on something that raises the height a bit.

    If you have something that’s a little taller than that lamp in a light color, use that instead (maybe a large chunky candlestick). The glass just blends in to the brick. Pull the pot of grass down beside that. Pull the “imagine” to the center of the mantle. Get rid of the books and the red candle with holder.

    See how that feels to ya. It may just be that there’s too much on the mantle and you need to edit/change rather than add. Hope this helps. 🙂

  7. Thank you guys. I ended up moving a bottle on top of the books, moving the candle so that I kind of broke up the dark colors with the lighter colored stuff. I like it a lot better. I may still do what Polly said and paint something to make like a backsplash so they stand out more. Trying to decide if I have the energy! Thank you everyone for all the advice. I so appreciate it.

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