Udderly Smooth


I was so excited to open the box when my Udderly Smooth cream came the other day. As you might remember from previous posts I have extremely sensitive skin and I also have Rosacea. So, I’m very picky about what I put on my skin/face. When I first applied this product, as a sensitive skin person, I used it on my hands first. Opening the bottle and putting it on brought back all kinds of memories from my young childhood. See, the lotion contains lanolin and I could smell the lanolin as soon as I  put it on. My grandmother used a lanolin based cream all her life and the scent brought all those emotions back. This made me love this product even more. It’s always amazing that scents as well as tastes can bring back memories so strongly.

After a week of using it on my hands I then moved on to moisturize my face. It was wonderful. It did not aggravate my Rosecea!!! That was awesome news for me and my red cheeks. It’s a product that I have no problem letting my kids use too. If you are looking for a product that will moisturize your skin and give you skin you had in your twenties, then this is the product for you! Thank you Udderly Smooth for letting me review your product. It is simply a great cream for even my sensitive skin!

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