Favorite childhood TV show?

What was your favorite childhood tv show? I loved the Facts Of Life.


It was rather hard to choose. This was my favorite probably from 13 on. Before that it was probably the Muppets.


Waka Waka …what tv show holds a place in your heart as your favorite from your childhood?


7 Replies to “Favorite childhood TV show?”

  1. You guys are bringing up some great shows I totally forgot about. Facts of Life was classic! Loved it! The Muppets too, I remember them being on Sunday nights or something like that and we watched it as a family. 🙂

  2. I must be a lot older than you as I never heard of Facts of Life. I haven’t had television since I left home. I loved a music/band show but I don’t remember the name. It was only 5 nights a week. Each day was devoted to the music from a different province (in Canada). Later on my favourite was MASH.

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