Circle Circle Dot Dot

Get the cootie shot so you don’t get all these cooties like I have on my face!!

You know the rest don’t you? Now my children know the cootie shot too. Yes, I did share that with them. I’m not sure why. Then we watched a rerun on the Big Bang Theory and Leonard’s girlfriend Stephanie (Sara LaRue) gave one to Sheldon. Why? He thought he had a tumor. My children immediately turned to me and said, “Oh, that’s where you got that, isn’t it?” Why, no children not every idea originated from some silly tv show. Ok, yes most of the good ones did. But sometimes we know things from our childhoods. Things like the infamous cootie shot. We all know only boys have cooties and if we don’t get our shots where will we be?

Any funny things from childhood you’ve been sharing with your children this week?

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