My top 5 favorite sports events to go to as a family

Great sporting events were listed in the Utah news the other day. It got me thinking about what sports we go to as a family. The kids and adults have so much fun when we visit all the teams/games here in our town. We go to:

1. Hockey: As a family that lives in the south you wouldn’t think that we love to go to a hockey game. But it is one of the most fun activities to do together with your kids. Go Predators!

2. Football: The Titans are close by and getting to see them play live is a once in a life time activity. The kids love to take advantage of the great food served as well as see the players play.

3. Soccer: The Metros play here and it’s always a great family experience to go see the soccer games. It’s so much better to see the games in purpose so the kids can visualize what goes into a game. They love to watch and they love to play.

4. Basketball: We do not have a big basketball team but we love to even go watch the local high school games. Basketball is a great team sport that shows us life is about working as a team.

5. Baseball: is the one game that I do love to watch. We have the local farm team the Sounds close to our home. We go there as a church activity at least once per year. We’ve had a birthday party there as well.

Games are so great to bring the family together. We love to watch the game, talk about the game and be at the game. Family time is important and sports are important too. Why not combine them and enjoy them together.

This is a sponsored post for Deseret News, however, all the points and
views are my own.

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