Music in our public schools

We are so fortunate to have a good public school system that does believe in their music program. My son has played violin since the 4th grade and all through public school. I’m so very thankful that they offer this here. There are 3 schools in our county that have orchestra and he’s gone to 2 of them.

If it weren’t for the publicly funded schools my son would not know how to play an instrument. I pray that this program always stays funded and does not get cut during this time of recession and cut backs. It is so very important for our children to be able to have access to music and the arts in school.

I pray for teachers like the two he has had who love to teach music to all these students each and every year. I’m so very impressed with his teacher this year as my boy has made the transition to high school. It’s been a huge transition but he’s done well and loves his music teacher and his methods. Keep at it teachers. You are appreciated!

Here’s a short video of their Christmas concert.


Thank you state of Tennessee, principals, superintendents and teachers for keeping this program for our students. As parents we value it and are glad to see that you do too.



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