I feared for my own life…

My Family

Yes, I did it. I have no one to blame but myself. I let my son drive my car home the other night with me in it. It was not pretty. Matter of fact, I came home and my legs hurt from braking the invisible brake so hard. lol Oh, the joys of teenagers.

He’s got to learn some time and he did ok for his first time out. He was using his left foot to brake so we had to straighten that out. His car will be a small older truck that he will have to change gears in. The car he drove was an automatic. He now wants an automatic. I remember the feelings he’s having. Why do I have to learn to shift gears? I want an automatic. I gave him the same speech my mom gave me. You have to know how to drive all vehicles. Your car will be a straight shift and you have to learn to change the gears and drive it.

He liked driving and I know he will only get better. I just have to let him practice. Man, that’s hard to do. I want him to know the freedom that comes with driving. But I am his mom I don’t want the possibility of accidents that come with driving. I don’t want him to hurt himself or someone else. That fear never leaves does it? How did you get through the learning how to drive years?





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