Couples truck driving together?

As we get older we begin to think about eventually retiring. My dh and myself have talked about getting CDL driving jobs and seeing the country together. I for one would love to see all 50 states. I know one of those states we would not be able to drive to. But the other 49 are in play. I’d love to get paid to see the country.

Waking every morning and going to a new city or state would be a great start to the day. Have you thought about retiring and beginning a new career? If you are like me and getting closer to reaching that age then this might be a good career move for you. Spending time with my hubby and seeing the Grand Canyon, the beach, New England and even California would be a great way to retire. I have to admit I’ve not been far from home since we married 19 years ago. But it is something on my to do list.

I want to visit all 50 states. Why not get our CDL driving license and then set out to see the states. We can always pay to see that last one on vacation!


This is a sponsored post for MTS Driver Recruiters, however, all the
points and views are my own.

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