Tide for Coldwater Review

I was given a bottle of Tide for coldwater to review. Let me first say that I’ve never been a brand name purchaser. I only buy what is on sale or something I have a really good coupon for. So, I’ve not purchased laundry detergent made by Tide in a very long time. What I noticed about this bottle of Tide is that it smells really good. Really good! It makes my nose happy. Yes, it does clean very well even in cold water. I had a shirt with a stain from dinner and it came right out even using the Coldwater Tide.

Would I use it again? Absolutely. I would totally put this laundry detergent to work for me without a doubt. My grandmother was very brand loyal to Tide and I can definitely see why. Tide, thank you for giving me the opportunity to try a product I probably wouldn’t have ever tried beforehand. I know now that Tide is a quality product that gets my clothes clean and keeps them smelling fresh. In cold water or warm/hot water Tide is good for your clothes! Thanks Tide.

I was given a bottle of Tide for Coldwater to review from SheSpeaks. This did not change my review or opinion of the product. All opinions are honest and my own.

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