New Years Eve we were robbed.

We met another couple out and went to a restaurant for dinner. I wasn’t even hungry. But we had a good time hanging out with our friends. All 4 of us could have sworn we locked the car. But, alas, we did not. When we came out my Ipod touch and radar detector were gone. A navigation unit sat in the floor of the van and they didn’t even touch it. Those criminals had better obtain a good California criminal lawyer!

We thought about going to the police station that night. But decided they were a bit too busy to be bothered about an Ipod and an old radar detector. The radar detector we had discussed throwing out anyway. So, we left it until the next day. We have the serial number on the Ipod touch and we took it with us and went to the police department. While there, the officer taking our report asked us if we wanted to press charges if they were caught. We had to think about it. But, we said that yes we did.

So, criminals you need to get you a criminal defense attorney Los Angeles. The people who you are taking from have decided to press charges if we can find you. It’s always better to get a job than to steal from others. Honestly, we don’t even care that much about either item. It’s just the principle of it. I pray that they needed the Ipod more than I did and that it will put food on their table. Instead of being thugs that just don’t want to work and take things from others so that they don’t have to.

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