Do You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Not everyone who files bankruptcy just spent money wildly and went out of control. There are situations, like my friend’s, where they had a horrible year long medical crisis and now have no choice but to file bankruptcy to deal with the terrible aftereffects. Health crisis’s are often a large proportion of people who file for bankruptcy and it’s why bankruptcy is here for us.

If you are dealing with facing an impending bankruptcy then you need to make sure you hire a qualified bankruptcy attorney. One that knows the ins and outs of the law as pertains to your situation. Here are five questions you should ask as you are interviewing your attorney to deal with your bankruptcy.

1. Ask a lawyer you already know if they have any recommendations for a bankruptcy attorney in Utah. Then find out how many bankruptcies they have personally handled. You want someone who has handled a number of cases so that you know they know what they are doing.

2. Are they personally going to work on your case or pass it on to someone else? You want to be speaking and asking questions to the person who you know will be responsible for your case. Make it clear!

3. The consultation should be free. What is the charge for handling my bankruptcy? There will be a charge unless you are using something like legal aid (and even then there might be a small charge). You want to know up front what this is going to cost you. Don’t get blindsided in the future by thinking it wasn’t going to cost much. Know it going into your bankruptcy.

4. Can you please explain what this bankruptcy will do to me and my credit? Are you filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? You need them to explain the differences and what each one will mean to you.

5. Do you have any certifications (like from the American Bankruptcy Institute)? It always is nice to know that the lawyer you are hiring has either taken extra classes or has gone above and beyond to prove themselves as a good bankruptcy attorney.

It’s a trying time when you are filing bankruptcy. Make sure you know what to ask as you go into the meetings with your lawyers and other people. It also helps to take someone else with you. They may be more impartial and think of questions you may not think of. Bankruptcy is a very trying time for each person. Let’s make it as easy as possible on you.


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