Heelys…shoes or skates?

They are shoes and skates. I must say they are way better than those metal skates we had to attach to our shoes when I was growing up. Remember those? Those were the Heelys of our day. I miss skating. It was all I did as a kid. My children are so cautious that they rarely adventure into the world of skating. Heely’s gave me the opportunity for my son to give them a try. He loves them as shoes. He is tolerating them as skates. It’s not the skates fault. Kids now days don’t seem so inclined to stay outside and just play. Or do what I did, practice for hours on end getting better at skating. Here’s a very short video of my son trying to skate on his heelys.

 Well, as you can see he needs more practice. We had a nice discussion that if he was confident he could skate he would skate better. It’s a vicious cycle, he has no confidence in his skating so he doesn’t want to skate so he doesn’t get better. He wore them to school one day and forgot to take the wheels out. I warned him that he would probably be sore for a few days as he had to walk funny at school all day long! lol Are they shoes or are they skates? Yes. They are both. They are fun and inventive and every child should have some. They would make an excellent Christmas present! Speaking of Christmas, on Black Friday Heelys is running a special.  (Nov 25-Nov 28) Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders! I love skating and we all love Christmas! 

What did my son think of them? My son loves that the wheels come out and they can be just plain tennis shoes. To sum up, is my child an excellent skater? No. Does he like the Heelys? Yes. He wears them more as shoes but I love that we can put those wheels in and let him practice with them as skates (and we see he could use an extra practice or ten). Great product and fun too.

Here’s a great product and how to guide,  And here’s a skating guide for you (and my son!) to use.

*I was given a pair of heelys to review for this blog. It did not affect my review of the product.


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