Have you seen the breastfeeding baby doll?

What is your thought on it? The show I was watching said 74% of Americans thought it wasn’t a good idea for their children. Ummmm, why? This, I have to say, irritates me to no end. I breastfed both of my boys and all of my children have pretended to breastfeed their babies. It’s what they were made for. My daughter watched her Aunt breastfeed and she imitated breastfeeding too. Why is this a bad thing? We are the only animal in the animal kingdom to give our babies another animal’s milk (think about that for a minute). I just don’t get it. Ok, carry on folks, vent over. Nothing to see here.

PS in the event of Political Correctness I am not saying that you should only breastfeed. I did both. I almost always did formula (especially when working) and breastfed. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with feeding your baby formula (that was all my daughter drank). I just don’t see the big deal about having a doll that simulates breastfeeding. 🙂

What are your thoughts? Am I out there on this topic?

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  1. Well said Sarah!

  2. I've read all kind of nonsense about people getting worked up over this doll. It's breast-feeding, people! Nothing more natural in the world. Would they be getting all antsy about a doll that is bottle fed, oh right, there are already a million out there like that. It's a breast, it's for feeding babies, not just for sexy time!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge