Day 3 of giving up soda…

and I want one really bad today. The last 2 days weren’t so hard. But today is. I’m not sure why. I’ve done very well and not really missed them. I can make it through! Anyone done this lately? How many days til you stopped craving sodas? Diet or regular makes no difference I drank them both! Nice cold sonic drink would be so good right about now! lol I have had a coffee today so I would still get the caffeine. Must stay away…no leaving the house today!! Going to have a lemonade now. 🙂

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  1. Must say Your better than me..I MUST..I mean MUST have a soda..or least caffeine daily or Mentor James becomes Headache Monster James.. The bad this I was addicted till my lovely wife..introduced me to it.."sounds like true addict right?"..sigh..I know..Either way..You can do it and maybe I can stop..I heard after about a week..your free..but I haven't tried that yet..I'm following you and hope you can do the same..I'm at

  2. I follwed you Melissa. 🙂 James I know what you mean. I woke up wanting one sooooo bad. I've made it through day 3 though! On to day 4. I'll stop by in a few. 🙂

  3. I've given up soda a couple times, keep going back to it unfortunately. However, when I'm not drinking soda but craving a carbonated drink, La Croix is my go to beverage. It's a flavored water, no calories, artificial sweetners, sodium, etc. Comes in cans at the grocery store. Good luck!

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