It takes so little to make my girl happy.

A picnic on the lawn and a walk around the neighborhood is what makes her happy today. She talks and talks and tells me everything she’s thinking. I love our walks. The dog next door did not stop barking the entire time we were picnicing on the lawn. It was funny.

This was one of her talkative moments. She was even using her hands to tell me all about it. Sweet girl. What a great day. Free things in life are the best. Walks with my girl, talks on a blanket having a picnic and living life with my children and hubby. What are some free things in your area that you like to do?


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  1. Love days like that! What a cutie pie she is! I follow you on BF!

    Good luck on the dieting. I have to lose 45 pounds. I am posting my progress on my blog and exactly what I am doing and eating to lose it all. Would love some love and support on my progress! Hint!!

    How can I help you with yours or being an accountability partner? We could do it via email or blogs, if you have any ideas I would love to hear!~Lisa

    I am all a twitter about life

  2. She is so precious and I'm glad you are cherishing the moments. They grow up so fast. I miss my children being little. They are all grown up now but I get to have picnics with my grandchildren. One of my granddaughters lives with me so we have lots of adventures together.

  3. Your daughter is adorable! It sounds like you had a really good day. We live in STL and go to the Zoo – free – take a picnic lunch and park in a free spot. I met you on Mom Bloggers Club and am now a new GFC follower.

  4. That kind of time with your daughter is such a blessing!
    I love the moments when I cook and my son joins me in the kitchen. He opens up about dinosaurs, his good friends, a silly someone, and thoughts on life in general. I feel grateful for those moments.

  5. She’s too cute!! We also love picnics and taking walks. Their’s not a lot to do here for free, that I know of.

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