Remember back in the day when you only graduated from high school and college. Yeah, I want those days back. lol Last night was a night of new beginnings. My daughter graduated from pre-k last night and at the same time on the same night my son graduated from 8th grade. We sent the men to my son’s and the women in the family went to the girls. It was so sweet. I’m waiting to get pics of my boy’s graduation off my hubby’s camera. Abby and her friends had so much fun singing, graduating and then eating cookies and goofing off. I got some really cute pictures of her. Her and 4 of her friends are going to the same kindergarten next year. Her best friend isn’t in her class. 🙁 But 3 other friends from pre-k are. That should make her transition easier. She said last night she doesn’t want to go. But that’s after saying all year she is ready to go. You’re off to kindergarten, yes you are. You’ll be there soon enough baby girl.

Unbelievable to me is that I will have a child graduating high school in 4 years. WHAT? How did this happen???? I love my kiddos. 🙂

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  1. What a cute picture! All these graduation ceremonies do make it tough on families, though, who would like to be at these events. I hope your little one enjoys Kindergarten next year!

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