Free I’m Thankful From A-Z Printable

Free I’m Thankful From A-Z Printable

free thanksgiving printable

Thanksgiving is in a few short weeks! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I love spending time in the kitchen to cook a great meal for my family. And I’ll admit it, I like to eat! I also love to sit around the family table and talk about what we are thankful for. I think this tradition is just as important as the turkey we make. So to help my kids remember all of the things they can be thankful for each year, I made this fun Free I’m Thankful From A-Z Printable! It’s simple to understand, for every letter they put something they are thankful for that starts with that letter. Then we take turns reading our list out loud. It’s a fun way to wind down the evening after eating. 

For fun, here is my I’m thankful from a-z answers:

A- Afternoons spent with family

B- Bubble Baths

C- Car trips during summer

D- Dove Chocolate 

E- Every day I wake up happy and healthy

F- Family and Friends

G- Good health

H- Hot summer days at the pool

I- Ice Cream

J- Jeans that fit just right

K- Kites

L- Late night snuggles

M- Morning Coffee

N- Not going without

O- Overnight vacations

P- Paying off our car

Q- Quiet afternoons

R- Rain to help grow the veggies

S- Saturdays 

T- Time spent with family

U-umbrellas when it’s raining 

V- Very good food

W- Water

X- Ok this is a hard one. How about Xpress car washes!?

Y- You

Z- Zoo trips! 

See? How fun in that! I’ve include a blank printable below that you can print out and share with your family. I hope you enjoy!

Here is your FREE I’m Thankful From A-Z Printable:


(click to enlarge and print)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Looking for something keep the kids busy on thanksgiving day Grab this free I'm thankful a-z printable & put it on the table for them to do

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