5 Signs you need a budget and how to do one!

Budgeting is not as difficult as it would appear. Many people think it’s just so hard to do. It’s really not! I’ve got the tools you need to get yourself on a budget. Check my budgeting tools out here while you look at the 5 signs that you need a budget! 

signs you need a budget

5 Signs you need a Budget

You know you need a budget when your month is longer than your money. Is yours? Then let’s get a budget going!

You know you need a budget when every month you think you might need to do better with your money?  That’s a huge sign that you need a budget!

Do you scrape and scrimp to get by? Going into the couch cushions to find the change to get that one item you need? You might need a budget!

Do you watch your gas tank in fear that you will run out? Here’s your sign…you need a budget!

Does your electricity or water get turned off on a regular basis? Then you need a budget!

Do you have one or more overdraft fees from your bank in a month? Get yourself a budget! 

Do you rely on your credit cards to pay bills, buy food or gas?

These are all signs that you need a budget. I’ve got help for you! Check out my budget printables, ways to save, ways to increase income and more below! These are all my articles so it’s not going to take you to another site! 

Here’s my budget printables. They’re free and they tell you how to write up a budget and get started on one! Even if you have an irregular income you can have a budget! Here are my free budgeting tools that puts your bills by due date and has a printable too. I have a holiday shopping list with person, amount spent and more! It’s a great way to keep track of your holiday spending.  I even have a monthly menu planner for you. You can plan your menus monthly or weekly.

First thing you should do is track your spending for a month. Don’t leave out things like haircuts, pet shots and pet food, diapers, etc. Everything should be written down. Then use that month and make a budget for the next month. If you make the same every month you should have a built in buffer. If you don’t have a built in buffer then it’s time to cut your spending. Sometimes you can’t make your budget work. That’s when you are going to have to get a second job. There’s no two ways about it. If you can’t cut your spending then you need to increase your income! Check out my list of work at home jobs that you can try to do to make extra income!

Here’s some articles on how to cut your spending on groceries. How to cut your spending on cable. Let’s all focus on learning how to live on less. There’s all kinds of ways to cut your spending and learn to save money too. When we focus on this we learn to live on what we make. I cringe when I see people going into the money stores. I know it’s an option many need but I hate that they’re paying back so much interest or getting into a hole bigger than they were in before. What ways do you have to increase saving or decrease spending?




Check out my ways to help you get budgeted and on track with your spending. Here are my 5 signs that you need a budget.

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