10 things to entertain your kids other than video games

Are you like me and always trying to keep the kids entertained but not just doing video games? I’ve got a great list of things for your kids to do that do not involve video games! It makes for a good day when the kids are happy and busy! So check out my list of 10 things to entertain your kids other than video games

My list of things to entertain your kids that aren’t video games! 

  1. Get them cooking! My daughter has a blast with me in the kitchen each night. She helps me stir and mix things or gets things off the top shelf that I can’t reach. My son loves to cook too. So on nights I have too much to do I just make sure it’s a recipe he knows and he helps me by cooking! 
  2. get out in the neighborhood and exerciseGo out in the neighborhood and take the kids for a walk. Get the dogs their walk and exercise in and get yourself and the kids some fresh air. Make sure they take the scooper with them! Another bonus is a lot of times you get to know your neighbors when you walk! 
  3. Color together. We have a box of coloring books here that we put to use at least once a week. It gives us peace to sit and color. We come together as a family and enjoy the silence of putting pencils to paper. Put on some soft music and you’re good to go.
  4. Play hide and go seek outside with the kids in the dark with flashlights or glosticks. We have so much fun when we do family hide and go seek! 
  5. Read a good book! You can read it together as a family or all take 30 minutes after dinner each night and read in the living room piled in together. Then share what’s going on or what’s funny in each persons book. 
  6. Dance party in the kitchen after the dishes are done. When we wash dishes by hand we listen to music each and every night. So why not dance while you wash dishes! Tackling chores and getting fit too. 
  7. exercise instead of video gamesExercise, swim or ride your scooters, skateboards or bicycles through the neighborhood after dinner. This gets you away from the tv and spending quality time buring calories each night! 
  8. card gamesPlay board games together. We have quite a few we play a lot. We play apples to apples, uno, clue, spoons and taboo. We have so much fun playing board games together. 
  9. Have the kids get together and work on crafts. You can tell them to make place settings for Thanksgiving or let them do fun handprint crafts. Let them paint or put things together. My son loves to do model planes. That’s another great thing to do other than video games! 
  10. Have them make Lego towns. You can let them build houses, cars, roads and everything a town might need.

family time instead of video games

Video games are fun but they should be left for the weekend. During the week why not keep them busy after homework and before bed doing other things. It’s fun to spend time as a family together. What do you guys do to spend time together as a family? Leave me a comment.



10 things to entertain your kids other than video games

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