Encouraging our teens to GO Big! #ad #YoplaitGoBig

Teens and tweens are one of the best ages for kids. You get to watch them become their own person. You see what they love and what their passion is.  My girl was passionate about gymnastics. Her passion has changed and may change again. Right now my tween girl loves to be on the swim team. She’s so fast and it’s so fun for her. My dream is to be here to participate and help them pursue what they love. I’m living my dream and helping her live hers! 

teens do amazing things

With my tween being on the swim team I’m having to buy more food. She’s a huge lover of yogurt so when I heard about the Yoplait Go Big pouches I knew I had to grab them for her to take in her lunch and to eat as a snack at home. They have so many great qualities. They come in 8-Count Variety Packs. The flavors they’re currently offering are Strawberry/Mixed Berry and Peach Mango/Cherry. They do contain real fruit. They do not contain any artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup. It’s a good source of calcium. Let’s not forget it’s gluten free and Kosher Dairy. She loves her yogurt and is so ready to eat it when she comes in the door from swim practice! I love that it has real fruit and it fuels her amazing self! She loves that it’s the perfect amount of yogurt for a tween on a mission.


I found my Go Big pouches at my local grocery store. It’s the place I know I can get something for my kids to Fuel Amazing. They are in these large grip and rip pouches and are perfect for on the go snacking.  Yoplait wants to challenge us mom and dads to write a letter to our tweens! I accepted that challenge! Check out my letter to my tween. I’m constantly in awe of how amazing she is. 


teens and tweens

Dear daughter,

You constantly amaze me. I’m amazed by your work ethic. I’m amazed by your fashion choices. I’m amazed by your sweet nature. Please know I’m so proud of you and am so glad to be your mom. You’re going to do great things in this life. We only get one so use it wisely. Enjoy your friends, enjoy your family and be yourself. Never change for anyone! Be amazing just like you are! Get out there and change the world. If you don’t like something make it better. Improve upon everything. Just like the world improved when you were welcomed in it! I love you so! 

 Love, Mom


What cool things are your tweens doing? How do you encourage them to Go Big? Leave me a comment and let me know how they’re improving the world! Check out Yoplait Go Big on facebook and share what makes your tween amazing!  



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