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Both of my dogs are senior dogs. They’re the sweetest things. One of them is 9 and the other is 7.5 years old. That’s pretty old for dogs. I do everything I can to keep them well. There’s a few things you can do to help your dogs as they age. Check out my list of 5 tips to keep your senior dog well

tips to keep your senior dog well

  • The number one thing you can do to keep your dog well is to keep them on a consistent diet. We’ve been using the Wellness® Complete Health™ Line  from Petsmart and our dogs are loving it. I love that it has prebiotics and probiotics in them. The probiotics are what keeps my sweet white pup from having runny allergy eyes most of the time. So that’s always a good thing! It’s packed with protein and they are very conscious of their ingredient sourcing. Those are just a few reasons I feel good about feeding it to them. It’s just so wholesome. I can see how well it works in their fur and cuddles.
  • wellness-at-petsmartWe always get the kind made for senior dogs. This way I feel better knowing they’re getting the vitamins and minerals they need in their diet for their age. I love that it’s grain free and not full of byproducts. It’s complete health! It’s great for their coats, their immune system and it helps support their healthy digestion.

wellness pet food at petsmart


  • The second tip is to make sure your pets have access to good clean water. They need water just as much as we do. More if they’re mostly outside dogs. So always refill and clean their water bowls on a regular basis. That ensures they’re not getting any parasites or bacteria from the water and dirty bowl. You can always find great dog food and accessories at your local PetSmart. 


  • The third tip is to take regular visits to the vet.  My dogs see our local vet about twice a year. They get their shots and check ups regularly. It helps if you love your vet and I do love mine! He’s always full of wisdom and he’s not one to resort to expensive treatments for something that a less expensive treatment could fix. I love that about him. 
  • The fourth tip is to make sure they have adequate room to exercise or walk them daily. We walked ours all the time. But as they’ve gotten older one has hip dysplasia and the other one has a birth defect in one leg that prevents him from walking far. So we play with them in the back or front yard. We keep them away from the road but make sure they get their play time in. It helps that they play with each other. I love to watch them play. 
  • The  last tip is to make sure their sleeping area is good for them. With my chocolate lab we had to get him up off the hard floor because of his hip displasia. He now sleeps on a baby bed mattress covered with a blanket that we wash regularly. As you can tell by the pictures all our animals love that bed! 

What other tips can you think of to keep our senior dogs well as they age? Share them with me in a comment! I love to read them! 

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5 Tips to keep your senior dogs well #ad @PetSmart @Wellness

17 Replies to “5 Tips to keep your senior dog well #ad @PetSmart @Wellness #WellnessPet”

  1. One of our dogs just became a senior. We have been trying to make sure that he stays well into his senior years!

  2. Oh this is great tips to help my senior dog feel well, love it. I think we don’t realize that our doggies get older and need some TLC too!

  3. This is such a great post – so many owners just go for the cheaper food not thinking that their dogs need proper nutrition!

  4. These are all great tips for keeping your senior dog healthy. I do know the the senior food really does count when you have an older dog. It is so important to take the any dog of any age to regular vet checkups just like we do for our kids. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  5. Older dogs are so fragile and need some extra love, support and its so important to maintain their health by choosing the right foods, etc! This is a great post!

  6. I’m currently using a different brand, but the Wellness brand is really good! My dog has a really sensitive stomach, and this was one of few brands that worked for him.

  7. I’ve never heard of wellness before now. My dog is getting older and I bet she would like this. It sounds great!!

  8. I can’t stress enough on the importance of getting enough exercise. This is often forgotten. Play time and leisurely walks in the afternoon make a good avenue to get those muscles moving especially for senior pets.

  9. Those are great tips. The clean water and room to roam free and exercise are very important.

  10. I shop at Petsmart as often as I’m in the area. They have the foods my pets prefer and I love buying everything in one place. I’ll have to keep your tips in mind for when my little Peanut and my big Chelsea become senior pets.

  11. Our Jack Rusell Terrier is getting old so these tips are highly appreciated. Og that’s a great idea to use the baby bed, I should have not got rid of ours, we could have use it for our dog Champ.

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