10 Must Have Essentials for working out. #BeGoodToYourBones @Walgreens

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10 Must Have Essentials for Working Out


Whether you workout everyday or you just started working out it’s so important to simply start. I try to work out 3-4 times a week. Some weeks I’m successful and some weeks I’m not. The point of the matter is that I try.  


The road ahead is paved with lots of struggles. You will struggle with many things as you age. The important thing is not that you struggled but what you learned from the struggle. I struggle somedays with simply putting that one foot in front of the other. But I make sure to put myself first and get my workout done.  

10 must have workout essentials

Most days consist of a simple walk through my neighborhood to get my steps in. It refreshes your mind and spirit to simply walk. I love the beauty of days that are foggy and fall like! It lifts my spirit to be out in nature. 

  • The first essential you need when working out is finding a workout that appeals to you. I love to be outside. So walking with my kids is what is keeping me working out this week. We’re having a blast getting our steps in while the kids are on Fall Break. Tomorrow we’ll visit a pumpkin patch farm and get a lot of steps in!


  • Next is a great pair of tennis shoes. I try to buy at least a pair a year. That one pair takes a lot of milage over that year. So getting a good pair of shoes is important. 

10 must have essentials for working out

  • The third must have essential is a good water bottle. I’ve used cups with straws or a water bottle from my husband’s work. As long as it holds water it’s a win in my book. 
  • The fourth is a towel. The one I use above is a great one. It’s just used to wipe the sweat away on really humid days. Living in Tennessee it gets so humid here that I can soak a shirt sometimes. These towels come in so handy. 
  • The fifth item is a good set of hand weights. You can get them from a big box store or a yard sale. If you don’t have any you can even use a can of soup or bottle of water. Anything with weight to give you resistance is a good thing. 


  • Next you need a resistance band. These resistance bands are so great at really getting your heart rate up when you work out. They give your body the resistance it needs to really put forth some effort. I love our resistance bands! workout clothes


  • The seventh must have essential is comfy clothes. Whatever you feel comfortable working out in is essential! I usually use shorts and a tee. Or sometimes when it cools down I’ll wear leggings and a tee. As long as it’s comfy and doesn’t restrict your movement the clothing you wear is essential. My tee shirt says, “if found on ground drag over finish line.” My bff and I like to do 5k’s and we wear this shirt when we do! It’s so fun!


  • The eight item you must have for your workout is a few dvd’s or doing a workout from a streaming device. When you workout outside there’s going to be some rainy days and I’d rather be inside doing a video then outside working out in the rain. So I do a few dvd’s with my friends, kids or by myself. 
  • The ninth thing you need is to just show up and work out. You need to be present. Don’t be on your phone just enjoy the effort you’re putting into your work out. Always be aware of your surrounding and being present helps this! 
  • The last thing that is helpful for your workout is whatever vitamins or supplements you take. I make sure to take my Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health* each day.  As I am getting older I want to know that my workout is helping build my bones just like Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health* is. I found mine at Walgreens. Here’s the aisle I found them in. 


And up close where I found them in the aisle. 


As we age it’s important to maintain your bone health and flexible joints. The cartilege acts like a cushion in your joints. It’s easier than ever to help maintain it. Just one pill a day from Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health*. You can find it exclusively at Walgreens and do not forget to grab and use the $4.00 Sunday Newspaper Coupon that was available on 10/2/2016.  Get the bone health benefits of Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium, plus Vitamin C, Zinc and More† to support joint health in one tablet – Caltrate Bone & Joint*.  I don’t think you can go wrong!* † Refers to Copper, Manganese and UC-II® *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

During the month of October you can pick up Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health* for the low price of 11.99! That’s a steal of a deal!

What are your must have essentials when you’re working out? Do you workout with a friend?



are you wondering what you need to get your workout on? Here's your list of 10 essentials that you probably already own

19 Replies to “10 Must Have Essentials for working out. #BeGoodToYourBones @Walgreens”

  1. I try to work out regularly and as I age, I notice that my joints are not what they used to be. I need to be good to my bones and check out Caltrate.

  2. I love this!! I have been focusing on working out and taking care of my self, I love finding new tools to help me out.

  3. I have a hard time remembering to take my supplements. It’s so important for overall health. I need to get into working out more too.

  4. I am exercising pretty regularly lately so I think I should take something like this so I keep my joints happy! If I start taking stuff now maybe I will stay more mobile as I get older.

  5. These are some great must haves for sure, glad you shared them. They will help others get fit and have healthier bones!

  6. This is such a great comprehensive list of workout musts! You really covered all bases here! Thank you! #client

  7. my essentials during a workout is my music. a workout with a good playlist will be boring! and I am glad that you are raising awareness about the importance of supplements!

  8. I have been having issues with my knees lately and I have heard of Caltrate but never thought about using it, but I like that with diet and exercise that it could me out.

  9. You sure don’t want to find out you forgot these when you’re already at the gym! I think I need to start taking supplements to ensure my health is at the top of its game.

  10. This is a great list of must have essentials for working out. A good water bottle and a great pair of tennis shoes is indeed important for working out. Vitamins and supplements are indeed important too for taking care of our bodies. The Caltrate Bone & Joint Health is something I will have to try because of my arthritis. Thanks for sharing the list of essentials.

  11. Yes, good shoes and a good water bottle (2 for me, so one is always full and cold as I finish the other) are essentials. I love a good walk on a cool, foggy morning, as well.

  12. I wish I could say I work out way more than I do but I’m having such a hard time finding the time right now. these are great essentials to think about having though, and they will be helpful!

  13. I workout at least 3-5 times a week. However with my arthritis, I find it much harder to work out in the mornings. I need to try this!

  14. I am an avid walker! These are great tips. Especially the towel! You can get so sweaty from a good walk!

  15. This is a great list of workout essentials! A good water bottle and good shoes are so important.

  16. I need some of these essentials. I think I should be taking Caltrate as I am not getting any younger lol.

  17. The bones in my knees are so weak. I’m still very young, but I will be looking into making sure I take care of my bones to avoid them getting even weaker.

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