STEM gets kids excited about learning and learn how to donate to teachers #StartwithScience #ad @theOrkinMan

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Being a former teacher I love when teachers really put their focus on math and science. The kids learn so much when they are able to apply it. So putting their hands in and getting them dirty is so important to learning. Last year I went into the kids’ school and helped them do a fun and amazing science experiment. They were predicting outcomes by adding mentos to Diet Coke, Regular Coke and Dr. Pepper. It was fun to be in the middle of their learning. They added more mentos or less mentos to all the different drinks. It was a really fun experiment. Watch the quick video on one outcome and hypothesis!

Being innovative in teaching makes the kids love learning. What she did in the video was to get the kids excited about learning and participating in the project. Because they were excited and participating the learning will stay with them longer. What a fun project!

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Orkin’s Start with Science initiative is so exciting. They donate money to teachers who are interested in exploring STEM projects in their classes. I’m excited to be able to donate to one classroom on behalf of Orkin. Were you aware that Orkin has donated $325,000 to over 1,400 different teachers in over 123,000 schools so that they can implement new science and math technologies in their classrooms? What an amazing way to give back. I’m so impressed with Orkin! As a former teacher I can appreciate that they are doing an amazing thing for helping the children in our country. Have you ever thought about donating? Why not donate and help a teacher gets what she needs for science and math to extend the children’s learning. To donate to a project of your choice, visit: Orkin’s Start with science Page.

Here’s how easy it was to donate! Check out my pictures!

Step one click the picture to go to the Start with Science page.

donate to teachers with stem and orkin

Step two choose your location or you can choose the locations of places like Louisiana who may need help rebuilding their classroom.

Scroll through and find teachers with projects you think are a great idea! My guys are doing pictures with cameras of things they’re learning. Things like angles, nature studies, etc they’ll take a picture and use it in their room to remember what they’re studying.

start with science

Step three fill out the information and payment. Then you can choose if you want the kids to send you notes on what they’ve done with it. I can’t wait to see the letters arrive showing me the fun they’re having and the learning they’ve enjoyed.

Then finalize and send them a note why you wanted to support them. Or you can do it anonymously. What a great program. I’m so thankful I was chosen to share this with you. Thank you to Orkin and #StartWithScience for letting me donate using them and their program. What a beautiful thing they’re doing.

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Would you like to win the money to donate to a STEM project? Enter my giveaway and win $50 to donate to a STEM project of your choosing! Just enter on the rafflecopter below! Wait for it to load and then have fun! Ends 9/24 at midnight! So get your entries in today.

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19 Replies to “STEM gets kids excited about learning and learn how to donate to teachers #StartwithScience #ad @theOrkinMan”

  1. As an engineer myself, I love programs like this that promote science to young kids. I’m always trying to expose my young kids to the joys and intricacies of science. Even though they’re still very young, they are definitely interested in it.

  2. I just love helping teachers and so this would be amazing to win to help donate towards a classroom project! Thank you for this giveaway!

  3. This is such a great campaign and STEM learning is so important for the future too! Skills that they will use forever. Love this information!

  4. This is a great program and with cutbacks in schools, this is a great way for teachers to have the money to engage with their students in STEM activities. Learning needs to happen out of books and provide hands on experience.

  5. Having a daughter interested in science and about to head to college next year, this is pretty exciting for me. I hope they do well!

  6. I love how much my kids love Stem projects! This sounds like a great way to get kids excited about learning more!

  7. I think that it is important for students to start participating in more STEM classes and projects. I have a God son who is able loves math and we are trying to push in as much as we can.

  8. My kids would love this! They both love science. I’ll be sharing this with them! Thanks!

  9. I have never heard of this program before but I am loving it! Such a great way to give back and allow the teachers to give the kids those experiences.

  10. Sounds like a great idea! Kids really enjoy STEM and I find being involved in it early is very helpful! so important and so fun!

  11. Stem is maybe the best thing to happen for education and kids! It really gets them excited to learn!

  12. We live in such a fortunate school district. So I love to give to teachers who teach in a less fortunate environment. All students – no matter where they live – deserve the same opportunities to further their education and future!

  13. i didnt know what stem stood for, so thank you for the introduction! i love that orkin is so involved. i’d love to browse around and see what teachers are doing locally here, and hopefully donate as well.

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