10 Spooky Simple Halloween Recipes

10 Spooky Simple Halloween Recipes

10 spooky simple halloween recipes

Halloween is right around the corner, can you believe it? This year we have moved into a new home so we are planning on throwing a big Halloween party to celebrate! And we all know what a good Halloween party needs right? Awesome decorations, well thought out costumes, and of course, some spooky treats for your guests to enjoy! But I’m not talking about just an apple bobby station and some cupcakes. We need some gross out, fun, and spooky food that will make your guests laugh, and possibly cry ha! So while searching for perfect treats I thought I would share some of the favorites I have found with you, that way you can have some ideas for your own party. I hope you enjoy! Let’s check them out…

Here are 10 spooky simple Halloween recipes that your guests are going to love:

blood splatter cookies

1. Blood Splatter Cookies– These are easy to make, taste great, and have just the right amount of Halloween gore!

nacho pumpkin cheese ball

2. Nacho Pumpkin Cheese Ball– Cheese balls are a classic party recipe, and making into a pumpkin using nacho cheese chips? What could be better than that!? (Bonus, it’s really easy to make!)

kitty litter cake

3. Kitty Litter Cake– Yes, you read that correctly, kitty litter cake. It’s the ultimate gross out cake that strangely tastes pretty darn amazing. It doesn’t get much grosser than this! 

ghost string cheese

4. String Cheese Ghosts– These are adorably spooky and literally take 30 seconds to make. Win-Win! 

gruesome green toes

5. Gruesome Green “Toes”– Gotta love a sweet body parts that you can eat right? You just need some cookies, food coloring, and icing and you are good to go! 

dragons blood punch

6. Dragons Blood Punch– You can’t have all these tasty treats without something to wash it down right? This punch is perfectly blood colored and sweet!

deviled spider eggs

7. Deviled Spider Eggs– Another great staple at any party are deviled eggs, and with the addition of some black olives you have some “spider” eggs that everyone will be grossed out that they love. 

evil queen poison apple cookies

8. Evil Queen Poison Apple Cookies– Everyone loves a good villain right? These cookies are sticky sweet and a throw back to one of the best villains ever, the Evil Queen!

halloween oreo poke cake

9. Halloween Oreo Poke Cake– Halloween oreos are my absolute favorite cookie ever. So when I saw that someone had made a cake with them I just knew I had to try it out. 

halloween popcorn hand

10. Popcorn Hands– I remember making popcorn hands at school when I was a kid. This is n awesome and simple throwback treat that you can make before the party OR have your guests make their own to take home! 

There you have it! 10 Spooky Simple Halloween Recipes! Which one is your favorite?

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