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I partnered with Cotton Babies to bring you this conversation. All opinions are honest and my own.

It’s hot. It’s about 103* with the heat index here today. So why not stay in and shop instead! Think Cotton Babies is just for babies? Why not follow me and see what I found there! I love the Genius Gear Cotton Babies has on their site. It’s such a nice, wide selection of many different items that would look fabulous in my home! Have you seen it? Let me show you all the cool things! Let’s shop!

fun abc digital download

Genius Gear from Cotton Babies

Have you seen the latest offerings from Cotton Babies? I love that they’re offering digital downloads. They have artwork, a calendar and printable alphabet letters! Check them out in the Genius Gear digital download area!

genius cold cup

One of their first items I would use is their Genius Gear cold cup. I’m constantly drinking ice water in a cup like this. I would totally enjoy drinking my water in this cup! This Genius Gear category also has a 3 pack of cool pocket notebooks in it for your writing pleasure.

genius cup put on love

For the coffee lovers in you they have a nice selection of reusable coffee travel mugs. My favorite is the Put on Love mug. It’s easy to make a decision on these travel mugs from Genius Gear.

In their totes, bags and pins area they have a few cute totes I’d love to get to carry my groceries out in! It’s the responsible thing to do to bring your own bags. So grab a few Genius Gear Totes here!

They have Genius Gear shirts and onesies for the entire family too. Cute ones! So which one you want to buy?

genius diapers

And well you’re at Cotton Babies! So you have to check out the Genius Gear Bum Genius diapers! They have one size, potty trainers and wet bags there too. You know I’m all about cloth diapering those sweet babies.

coffee genius shirt

After looking at their gear I think I must have this one shirt and water bottle for the win! It’s the E=MC2 Energy equals more coffee squared and the Swell Choose Love water bottle. This water bottle keeps the water cold for many, many hours! Like you’ll still have ice 18 hours later.

swell genius bottle

If you’ve not shopped at Cotton Babies what are you waiting for? There’s something there for the entire family! They support bringing babies to work too. Jenn is amazing as a person too. So make sure you check out this work at home mom and see what her store can do for you!

Before you go check out my other Cotton Babies articles too. There’s 5 reasons moms need a baby carrier! If you’re considering cloth diapering make sure you see my How to Cloth Diaper a newborn post.

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  1. The diaper covers are cute. I really like the purple one. I tried cloth diapers with my kids, but I did not know about diaper covers at that time- 6-8 years ago. I may have stuck with the cloth if I had known about these then.

  2. The coffee mug will be nice to have now with the hassle of getting the kids to the bus stop in the morning.I need my beverages on the go!

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