5 easy lunch ideas your kids will love @Annies #ad #yumforall #annieshomegrown

Today’s post is sponsored by Annie’s Homegrown, but my love for their products is all my own!

It’s back to school time at our house. My kids have been in class for two weeks and they’re loving a routine and being back with their friends. We are having issues with making lunches. So I came up with 5 easy lunch ideas your kids will love featuring Annie’s Homegrown products! Organic doesn’t always mean expensive. We believe in Organic for Every Bunny! Check out my fun video I made and make lunches healthy and easy!

I don’t know about you but it’s a nightmare getting lunches packed. There’s never anything to eat at my house even though I’ve personally been to the store every other day of every single week. LOL Annie’s Homegrown is offering us some yummy options that are affordable and organic and make packing lunches a snap. Some things we chose for our kids to pack are their yummy granola bars and their whole milk yogurt.

5 easy lunch ideas for back to school

I love that they are giving us affordable options that are also sustainably sourced. I make it a point to give my kids good wholesome food that tastes great! I want less gmo’s and more organic in my kitchen and my kids love Annie’s Homegrown for both those reasons. My kids just love that it tastes great. I’ve been decreasing sugar where I can in my cabinets. One way I found was by including Annie’s Certified Organic Cocoa Bunnies Cereal. I like it because it is made with Fair Trade cocoa, which helps provide sustainable incomes for farmers and their families. And it’s less sugar than what they were eating before. That’s a huge win in my book.

annies homegrown lunches

If you’re wondering where to find Annie’s Homegrown just head over to their site and check out their store locator. Then run over to your local store and pick up some great items from Annie’s Homegrown for back to school lunches! My kids are so glad I did! What one item from Annie’s Homegrown would your kids love to see in their lunchbox?

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  1. We are always on the lookout for new lunch ideas and even just “sides” to assist with our main course. I’ve never thought about sending cereal for lunch, she would LOVE that! Great tips and great products. Thank you!!

  2. Most people think that organic is expensive. But with more and more folks who are getting into healthier and cleaner lifestyles ( yup, getting their kids to do the same ), organic food and products have become more accessible to the market. I don’t have children, but I love Annie’s!

  3. Your easy lunch ides are great ideas. Some of the products work well in our household too. Your examples were great. Will bookmark and use later.

  4. I love Annie’s homegrown products. We always buy Annie’s crackers, gummy bears but never tried the yogurt

  5. Annie’s Homegrown products are something I have not yet seen or heard of so I will have to check it out for sure. I love the video and will have to share this post with my sister and niece who have school age kids. Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Annies are THE BEST. Anytime i see them in the store, even if they are more expensive, i scoop them up as our cereal of choice.

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