TTC…if you are…then you recognize these 3 letters quickly…can The Stork help you? #ad

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Sometimes getting pregnant takes a little more than the good ole fashioned give it your best shot. After trying and trying we needed to start thinking about why it wasn’t happening for us. All the tests came back that things were working properly. So why? Why weren’t we getting pregnant?

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They didn’t really know. We had to do shots to get pregnant and shots to stay pregnant. I had to have surgery to get pregnant and surgery to stay pregnant. It was really difficult. If you’re having even minor problems getting pregnant there’s so much more out there these days.

Many people are using the Stork OTC Home conception aid. We all know pinpointing ovulation is key. Just knowing when your optimal peak time to become pregnant is your first step. Once you’ve tracked and achieved this by using The Stork OTC, you can get sperm closer to the cervix . It’s available over the counter without a prescription at most CVS stores. In fact you can “Buy 1, Get 1 50% off with code STORK50 at for the months of July and August.

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The Stork OTC is an all natural assisted way to help you get pregnant. It’s especially helpful for those with low sperm count or motility issues and unfavorable vaginal environments. Putting the cervical cap on the cervix keeps the sperm from falling back into the vagina where many sperm die due to the hostile environment. The cap gets left in place for 4-6 hours as you can go along with your normal routine. The easy to use applicator sets the cap in place and easily removes it afterwards. It is a one use only and a new one needs to be purchased each month. Check out this video on how you use the Stork OTC.

We will be having an informative Twitter Party on July 20th! Come join us!!! Participate by using #successwithStorkOTC – Check out this video on how you use the Stork.

We will be having an informative Twitter Party on July 20th! Come join us!!! Participate by using #successwithStorkOTC –


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