Ooroo the next best thing to an extra bed! #ad

ooroo bed review

Ooroo makes the most amazing piece of furniture. It would be fabulous in a tiny home or like me in my regular sized home. We got one because my children’s friends always have to sleep on the floor and we thought this would be a great way to end that. So they sent it to me and we all love it so. My daughter had to check it out and see if it worked the very first night we got it. She made me unpack it and set it out for her. So I did. It was so easy to pull out of the box. They had sucked all the air out so it was pretty small. Then once you popped the seal on the bed it expanded. Then you can fold it in thirds and put the cover over it and zip it up so that it’s an ottoman. What a fabulous idea!

ooroo bed review

How cute is that ottoman? I have to admit that we love it! Here’s some pics of where my girl put it up in her room.

ooroo sleeping on an ooroo

Where she decided to put it when she was done. She put it in her closet…I think because she doesn’t want her brother to have access to it. Kids, am I right?

ooroo Look how nicely her cello rests on top of it. Sure to be cushioned for summer.

She told me it felt as good as sleeping on her own bed. She slept there all night to test it out for me. She thought it was very comfortable and really seemed to enjoy it. She’s super happy we have an extra bed for her friends to come visit and sleep on. It’s going to work out well. Unless we have 2 kids sleeping over. Then we’ll have to make up another bed on the floor. Maybe I should invest in another ooroo! Yes that’s it!

OoRoo also makes a great pet bed and the portable OoRoo beach that would be perfect for camping.

Oh, heads up: all OoRoo orders are shipped FREE right to your door for FREE (within the continental US).

ooroo beautiful and stylish
How beautiful is that? Which color ooroo would you get?

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  1. I love love love this! I want to try one. I’d have to go with black to match our furniture. But otherwise, any color would be great! I love that this has a dual purpose and is so easy to set up. Right now, I have to layer several blankets on the floor anytime we have guests. Not the most comfortable!

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