How to take care of cast iron skillets

In my quest to try to get more of the chemicals out of my house I’ve even gone so far as to try not to use teflon coated pots and pans. I want my pots and pans to not be releasing chemicals into the food I feed my family. So I began using my cast iron skillets that are hand me downs from my grandmother. I love that I have them and am able to use what she used back in the 1940’s. It means so much to be using family items. Check out how I learned to take care of cast iron skillets.

how to take care of cast iron skillets

It is not difficult to learn how to take care of cast iron skillets. They’re actually very simple to take care of. When you wash them you just make sure you do not use anything but a scrubber and water. That’s it. Get all the food off the pan/pot. Then you dry the pan with a towel. Take your pan over to your stove. Using a paper towel pour a little vegetable oil on it.  Wipe the pan down on the inside with the papertowel and the little bit of oil. Preheat your oven to 400*.  Once preheated put pan in oven and let it cook for 5 minutes. Turn off your oven and you can take the pan out. Then leave on top of stove. It will be slightly oily but that’s how you want your cast iron pan to be. That’s very simple and easy. In case you’re wondering this is also called seasoning cast iron. This is the same thing as how to season your cast iron skillet. So if you’re wanting to take care of your cast iron skillets that’s all you have to do. Simple, right?

Do you have any cast iron skillets? Do you enjoy cooking with them? Is this the way you were taught to season your cast iron?

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