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5 exercise hacks to keep you working out

If you’re anything like me you know you need to workout but working out is so tedious and boring. I’ve found quite a few exercise hacks to get my workout on and it keeps me working out. My favorite of these exercise hacks is working out with my kids. If you’re doing what they love to do and your working out there’s just nothing better. You are spending time with them and making memories too. Here’s my exercise hacks that I love to do and I always include my kids.

exercise by doing what the kids  love
My son getting his bowling medal. We go bowling to get some exercise in!

1. Exercise by doing what they love. My son loves to bowl. We will be bowling tomorrow. It’s a great way to let them do what they love and get your movement in for the day too.

exercise by exploring new cities on foot
We were getting our exercise in exploring Chattanooga here.

2. Exercise by exploring new cities on foot. WE love to visit Chattanooga. It’s close (2 hour drive) and there’s so much to see or do there. Almost everything you’d want to do there can be done on foot. So we explored that city by walking around it. Here we are on the footbridge that goes over the river downtown.

exercise by gardening
Exercise by gardening

3. Exercise by gardening in the yard with the kids. We love to have fresh fruits and veggies. So my kids and I make sure to garden each year. The fresh food is so worth the work it takes! Even my kids love to eat the rewards of our gardening. We also love to garden for the beautiful flowers.

exercise by doing a family 5k
Exercise by doing a family 5k

4. Exercise hack four is to get your workout in as a family by doing a family 5k. We loved the color 5k we did. We all got ridiculously colored. It was in our hair, on our clothes, and everywhere. Here I am dressed up for the last 5k I did. I love to get my workout in by doing 5k’s. If you’ve never done one you don’t know how much fun they can be!

exercise outside at sunrise

5. If you need to workout at a cooler time of day the best time is during daybreak. It’s coolest just before the sun rises. What a beautiful way to start the day.

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To keep you living your best life I made this printable for you. It’s exercise hacks to keep you exercising and not getting bored doing the same thing over and over again. Right click on the link and then click print. Hope you enjoy my exercise hacks. What is your exercise hack that keeps you wanting to workout each and everyday.

exercise hacks to do with your kids

And now the Exercise hacks to do with your kids PDF to print!

exercise hacks to do with your kids

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