Bad Mom (me) interviews the Bad Moms (Christina Applegate, Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and more)! #BadMoms

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Bad Moms entrance to party

What can we say about these interviews? There were Mimosas flowing throughout and the best food you’ve ever seen much less tasted. This had to be the most amazing press junket I’ve ever been on. They treated us well considering we’re all bad moms! They did our hair, treated us to massages and did our make up too. It was quite simply one amazing experience.

Here’s some fun photos of our day.

on the big screen at bad momsThey did a slo mo of us dancing and we rocked it! They put it on the big screen at the Bad Moms Premier. It was amazing and so fun.

send bail moneyWe went to jail at the Bad Moms premiere.

partying like bad moms We partied like real Bad Moms. Drinking and grocery shopping do not go hand in hand. Do not do this at home!

and I did bad momsOur cereal. 🙂

Bad MomBad Mom. Bad Mom making a duck face. Never again.

Let’s talk about the Bad Moms interviews.

let's talk about the interviews

Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn were our first set of interviews. They were real. They were honest. Mila shared stories of forgetting to buckle her daughter in. Then Ashton forgot to buckle her in as well. They were both so raw in their sharing of their lives. It was awesome. They were by far my favorite set of interviews. They talked about their kids, their moms and their lives. They are lovely and fun to talk to. They came out talking about “those perfect blogs.” Lord, please don’t ever think I have a perfect life. I, so, do not. They were discussing how it’s fun to go to blogs and see the recommendations for say a car seat. And then how the moms come out bashing them for not loving their kids enough if they went with that car seat. It’s a shit show. I believe that’s what they called it. LOL

It was such a relatable movie. All moms are good moms even if they’re bad moms. They shared their bad mom moments. Kathryn almost castrated her son. Like he wasn’t eating and was crying a lot. She finally changed his diaper and he had one of her hairs wrapped around his nuts like 5 times. It was horrible.

Mom guilt do you subscribe to it? Mila said she 100% subscribes to it. When you’re working like I do 17-20 hours a day I get to go home and not see her, wake up and not get to put her to sleep. So I get to see her for 20 minutes on my lunch hour. Like that sucks.

Kathryn’s kids are older but she’s like, “it still feels like I’m missing a limb. But if it’s what you’re kids are used to then it is what it is. You’re kids adjust and adapt.”

At the end of the movie their moms come out and talk with them while the credits roll. I asked if that was a planned end of the movie or spontaneous? It was planned but all it said in the script was real moms during credits. Mila just kept telling her mom, “be nice…just be nice.” They filmed us for like an hour. To hear your mom get all sentimental and be like, “I wish I was as good of a mother as you are. They were all proud.” We were all crying during these. “It was stupid cute”, said Kathryn.

Stay through the credits guys. It’s worth it.

Then they were asked what advice would they tell themselves if they could go back.
Mila: “I’d apologize to my mom much sooner. Like when you’re a teen you think your parents are against you. They’re so not. They’re on your side. I don’t think I realized that until I had my own child.”

Kathryn: “It all goes too fast. Don’t worry about the nonsense. Seriously, don’t devote time to that. Don’t put stock in what people think of you either. Find your tribe of mama’s that get you and your kid.” I really loved her words of wisdom. They spoke to me.

Here’s my pic with them.

us with our new besties

Next we had the Christina Applegate and Annie Mummelo show.

the christina and annie show

They were hysterical. They talked about life, kids and husbands. We laughed a lot during this interview.

It was so funny to hear Christina talk about should her daughter brush her teeth or her hair. Just brush…teeth. That’s way more important when we’re trying to get Sadie out the door. Annie said her (Christina’s) house was much quieter in the morning. Just lots of yelling at hers.

Which mom are you? Are you fed up mom, bad mom, drunk mom, goodie goodie mom, single mom, stressed out mom, happy mom?

Christina: We can always relate and we all know one of each character in the movie. But who goes to the blow out bar at 5 am? No one. I’m lucky to get a comb through my hair. I’m of the belief you should just pull your own oils through your hair. (You should have been here. Christina is hilarious).

What’s your worse parenting chore? Like making lunches or wiping butts or what?

Christina: I’m not so great at waking up in the morning. I’m working on getting a better attitude.

Annie: Oh it’s the 4:30 to bedtime hours. Ugh they’re the worse.

What would you like the other moms to take away from this movie?

Christina: To cut yourself some slack. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to fail in front of your kids. They need to see you bounce back from that. That’s what’s important. We’re all bad moms. We’re all in this together and we have to help each other.

Annie: I learned to take time for myself. I used to feel really guilty about it. But I’m a really bad mom now and I love it.

Loved their banter and dialogue. They were awesome!

us with our bestiesMe and my new bff’s.

Interviewing Jon Lucas, Suzanne Todd and Scott Moore

Interviewing Jon Lucas, Suzanne Todd and Scott Moore

Finally we had the pleasure of interviewing the writers and directors. We asked the where the concept came from. They said, “they just looked around and said which group of people isn’t being served with funny, crude humor?” We realized (Scott and Jon) after looking at our wives that it was moms. The big message they hope most moms will take away from this movie is just do less. That’s it. Say no, enjoy life and do less! When they called the actresses in they didn’t intend to hire just moms. However the ones who weren’t moms wouldn’t say like Kathryn Hahn did, “I’d call them ungrateful little shits.” No, if they’d not had kids they’d be like, “No, I wouldn’t say that.” To that we replied, “Ah ok, no kids there. They just didn’t get it.”

Sometimes parenting is R rated. Yes it is. Thank you Suzanne, John and Scott for making a movie I love, have seen twice and will own.

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