Back To School Teacher Gift Idea: Chill Pills Treats

Back To School Teacher Gift Idea: Chill Pills Treats

teacher gift ideaDown here in the south we only have about 3 weeks of summer left, which means we are getting ready by gathering up school supplies, going to bed a little earlier, and making lists of things we need to get done before the big day. As a former teacher myself, I know how important it is to forge a bond between yourself, your child, and your child’s teacher. I mean think about it, your child’s teacher will be spending more of the day with your child than you will! So with that being said, I always want to make sure my child’s teacher knows they are thought of and appreciated. Which means I’m one of those moms that send in gifts on holidays, make sure agenda’s are signed every night, and i’m always one of the first parents to volunteer for field trips or classroom needs. (What can i say, it’s in my blood to help out ha!)  So for the start of back to school I thought would share my back to school teacher gift idea: chill pill treats! We all know how stressful handling children all day can be so why not give your child’s teacher a little smile and some candy goodies for when the day gets a little hectic for them. The great thing is that this small gift is inexpensive, thoughtful, and is sure to make them smile. You could fill the jar with any kind of candy you wanted too! Below I’ve included instructions on how to make it, as well as a printable for your jar! 

Here is how to put together my back to school teacher gift idea: chill pill treats:


You Will Need:

  • A mason jar
  • Candies of your choice
  • Chill Pill Printable (posted below)
  • scissors 
  • tape

chill pill printable

(click to enlarge and print) 


To put this project together simply print out my chill pill printable above, cut it out carefully and tape it to your jar! Fill your jar with candy and screw on the top. It really is that easy to have a super cute and fun back to school teach gift idea! I hope you enjoy and i hope it make’s your child’s teacher smile! Have a great school year everyone! 

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Back to School Teacher Gift idea
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Back to School Teacher Gift idea
Looking for an easy craft to make for the teachers when the kids go back to school? Check out my Back To School Chill Pill treats!
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