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During the summer when my kids are home I notice them…and me snacking more. It’s like we’re here all day at the house and we just need to eat. But do we really? No, we need to feed the boredom. We need to do that by avoiding eating and finding something fun to do. Make sure you check out my 5 ways to avoid snacking for boredom!

5 Ways to avoid snacking for boredom.

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1. If you feel hungry and know you shouldn’t be then it’s time to workout, go for a walk or just get active. If you’re active for 30 minutes it definitely turns off your hunger mechanism. Then you’re no longer reaching for food you’ve improved your physical self by getting a workout in. My kids and I love to do Just Dance, borrow exercise dvd’s from the library, or go for a bike ride to get active.

2. Another way to avoid boredom snacking is to find something else to do. Reach for a good book and get lost in the storyline. We have a reading time each day. They’re required to read an hour per day. It helps keep their brain active. Sometimes you just need them to get off the electronics and there’s nothing better for that than a good book.

3. Play a board game with the kids to keep boredom snacking at bay. Just doing something fun with them will help you not reach for food. Plus it’s a fun thing to do with them and you’re making memories to last a lifetime. We love to play yahtzee, spoons, uno, outburst and more!

4. Get creative. We love to do crafts and will look things up on pinterest to see if we have the items needed to make things. We also love the books “the Daring Book for Girls” or “the Dangerous Book for Boys.” They have lots of ideas for keeping boredom at bay. It really gets their creative juices flowing. We’ve done things like put up a tent, learn to tie knots and more using these books.

5. Get to cleaning. One day last week I was having a hard time working and it was frustrating me. So I went into the garage and go to work on organizing it and cleaning it out. We just moved so it was a mess. When you get to work on something like that it’s so rewarding when you’re done. I worked for an hour and a half and I felt better just for getting up and moving around! It was such a great feeling to simply get moving.

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Doing anything like this for 30 minutes or more seems to turn off my hunger mechanism. Then I can go on with my day and not be hungry or even think about eating food. It just gets rid of the boredom eating. It’s a great way to distract yourself from eating. Another thing I do is mix up my Meta Appetite Control from Walgreens. In case you’re wondering about the product it’s clinically proven to help decrease your appetite. The fiber turns into a gel to help you feel fuller longer. Meta Appetite Control is proven to help you feel less hungry between meals.

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