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We just moved two weeks ago. Before we moved we had a house to renovate and clean. Now here it is after we have moved and we have a house to clean and update. It’s been a long 4 months let me tell you. I’ve used so many cleaning products and paper towels trying to get these homes ready for us to live in or ready for us to sell. Here’s some hacks we used to get our homes in tip top shape!

Moving hack one is to use a carryall to keep your cleaners in as you go from room to room. I love to repurpose things that are no longer being used. So I used my old bathroom shampoo holder and turned it into my cleaning caddy. It worked beautifully. Check out my picture below!

upcycled cleaning caddy

Using Bounty to get the new house and the old house clean in my upcycled cleaning caddy.

Before we moved in we cleaned the new house from top to bottom. We quickly realized that we needed to utilize a handy carryall to bring our cleaners from room to room. In the kitchen we cleaned our counters using our Bounty® Select-a- Size 12 Super Rolls that we picked up at Walmart. This gave us the option of using a bigger towel or a smaller one for minor messes. Bounty paper towels were a life saver. They are great for cleaning mirrors and windows too.

moving hacks to make your life easier

As we were moving we had curtains that were new that needed to be washed. We also rewashed a lot of our blankets and stuff just to freshen them up. The Tide® PODS® Laundry Detergent helped us so much with that. I love that it dissolves in any temperature and can be used in all types of washing machines. We washed up our dog bedding too. You want your new place to be fresh and clean when you’re moving. Moving hack two is to use your laundry baskets to move things from one home to the other. Then you can dump and refill again. I made it a point to take a load over in my van every morning after I dropped the kids at school until moving day. Then we’d take a load after I picked them up.

Moving hack three is to use your blankets to protect your furniture and electronics in the truck. Always wrap them in blankets to keep anything from getting hurt in the back of the truck.

Moving hack four is to clean your new house first. Then move and clean the old house. To get our living room area clean we used the Swiffer Wet Jet. We have pretty new laminate floors that my husband laid. They were a lot of work but we love them. I’ve always wanted hardwood floors. But we have a big dog. He’d just scratch up real hardwood floors. So we went with laminate. The Swiffer helps me keep them clean and in good shape. Moving hack five is to utilize suit cases that you own. We took a lot of loads over using our suitcases. We rolled those cases over our new flooring and then unloaded them and took them back home to refill! It just makes sense!

You can pick up all your cleaning supplies, paper towels and toilet paper at Walmart. Checkout their new video!

Acorn- Moving In


Moving hack six is to spray Unstoppables with Febreze at your home that you’re trying to sell. It makes your home smell fresh and clean. Who doesn’t love a clean and fresh home?

Do you have a moving hack I’ve missed? What’s your favorite moving hack or life hack? Which of these products do you use at your home?

8 Replies to “Moving Hacks to make your move easier! #ad @Walmart #CleanHomeSavings”

  1. I moved a few months ago and we are still trying to sort through boxes and clean up. I have thrown away so much things that it’s not funny. I love to keep my place clean though which is something I struggled with at our last place so all of these are in my clean up closet!

  2. The first thing that I do when I move into a new place is clean it myself. I know that maybe the previous people may have cleaned it before they left, but it give me a peace of mind to know that my home is clean to my standards. I am happy that there is an easy way to all you cleaning supplies you need to your house.

  3. I hope your move was stressfree and that you are finding a place for everything. We moved a year ago and I’m still organizing. Lol. I cleaned our old place, so that all I had to do once the truck was loaded was mop the floor. Our new place was pretty clean we just had to do the floors. Good luck in your new home! 🙂

  4. My husband and I moved a few years ago to our current home so I know all about the headaches of a big move. We did like you and tried to clean our new home first before moving anything in, but it just never seems like you can get a place clean enough, you know what I mean? I like the idea of using a carry all to get cleaning products from room to room. It makes so much common sense but I have never thought about it before.

  5. It has been a long time since we’ve moved, thankfully. One of my favorite hacks that we used was one that you mentioned. Using old blankets/towels to help move furniture. It helped us out so much!

  6. I agree! I found it much easier to clean our new house before we moved anything into it. We spent a week deep cleaning everything before we moved in a few years ago.

  7. Using a tote to carry things from room to room works great! I always do that even when I’m just doing my regular cleaning. Moving is super stressful and cleaning everything up always makes me feel relaxed.

  8. At our household, we use many P & G products. I probably use Bounty the most out of the items you listed. I have to try the Febreeze Unstoppables. I love the tip on using your blankets to help cover furniture during a move. Thanks for sharing.

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