Finding Dory Review and it’s in theaters today! #haveyouseenher #whatwoulddorydo

My little family went to see Finding Dory at a screening the other night. It was such a sweet movie. I was touched and glad to see that they finally gave us a back story on sweet Dory. You will not regret taking your kids to see it. When we left the theater I always ask the kids what the main theme or main idea was (teacher in me I guess). My daughter said, ” You never forget the most important people in your life.” My son said, “your family isn’t always blood. It’s who you want to spend your days with.” I think those two things were the main theme of the story. It was amazing and a fun night for your family. So if you get the chance go see Finding Dory. Until then check out their trailer and their social pages!

finding dory new trailer and release date

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finding dory in theaters now

FINDING DORY is now playing in theatres everywhere!

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