DIY Galaxy Calming Bottle

DIY Galaxy Calming Bottle

DIY Galaxy Calming Bottle

It’s time for get your craft on Tuesday! Summer is here which means my kids and I have lots of time to craft! It’s one of my favorite things about school being out. This week as I was scrolling through some of my favorite websites I ran across something that I thought was pretty cool, a calming bottle! Kids can get a little rowdy sometimes, and they need to calm it down a bit. So what do you do? You grab a bottle and a little glitter of course! You have them shake it up, and then spend some time just watching the glitter swirl around and settle to the bottom. It’s a great way to spend a time out too. I just love this idea. It’s better than trying to tell a 5 year old to just “sit still” right? And it’s easy (and super cheap) to make. Win-Win. Let’s check it out! 

Here is how to make a DIY Galaxy Calming Bottle:

You Will Need:

  • A Plastic Bottle
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Food Coloring
  • Cotton Balls
  • Super Glue

calming bottle steps

Step 1: Clean out a plastic water bottle. Fill with warm water. 

Step 2: Pick the colors you want for your bottle. We chose blue! You will only need about 2 drops of food coloring. You don’t want it to be too dark or you won’t be able to see the colors. 

galaxy bottle

Step 3: Add a few cotton balls to your bottle. This step is optional. We added them in to serve as different “milky ways” because as the sit they stretch out. It looks pretty cool! 

DIY galaxy calming bottle

Step 4: Now for the fun part…glitter! We chose 2 different colors, and you can use as many as you like! The more glitter you put in, the longer it will take for it to settle to the bottom! 


Step 5: Now this is important. You don’t want your kids to be able to open that bottle and make a big glittery mess right? That’s why we will be super gluing the top on. That way they can shake it to their little hearts content and it won’t leak. Very important! 

DIY Galaxy Calming Bottle

Ta-Da! 4 easy steps and you have your very own DIY Galaxy Calming Bottle! I hope you enjoy!

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