5 Fitness Goals For Women Over 30

5 Fitness Goals For Women Over 30

5 fitness goals for women over 30

Something happens to a woman’s body after she is out of her 20’s. All of a sudden you can’t stay up as late, your hangovers get worse, and you swear you can feel that donut move to your thighs as soon as you eat them! (Please tell me it’s not just my body that decided to do this?!) So as I reached an age over 30, I realized I had to change a few things about my lifestyle. I had to make some new goals and figure out what worked for me during this new stage of my life. So I thought that I can’t be the only one who needed some direction so I wanted to share my new fitness goals with you in the hopes that it will help someone else learn how to love their body and take care of it while we are at it! 

Here are 5 fitness goals for women over 30:

1. Run a 5K- Whether you have always been a running enthusiast or have never run a day in your life, you should set a goal to complete a 5k at least once. Grab some of your best girlfriends and make a team. Your body will thank you, you will have a blast with your friends, and most 5k’s have a charity behind them so that’s always good. You will reap the benefits of this fitness goal before, during and after. You will want to train before, have fun during, and continue to run after.

2. Touch your hands behind your back- I know this sounds like a strange fitness goal but I promise it has a purpose. Try to put both hands behind your back and grasp hands. Can you do it? I’m going to guess that most people can’t. This goal is especially important for those of us that work at a desk or sitting down most of the day. Stretching everyday until this goal can be achieved will increase your flexibility, open up your lungs, and decrease back pain and pressure.

3. Complete a 60 second deep squat- Oh yes, we all know what squats are right? Can you hold one for 60 seconds? This is something I am working on daily. Because of the way we sit most of us have lost the ability to deep squat which is actually a great resting position for our bodies. Not only that, squats do great thing for your thighs and butt!

4. Exercise everyday for 30 days- Yes, really. Everyday for a month. Now I don’t mean an hour workout everyday. I mean at least 10 minutes a day do something that is good for you. Take a run around the block, work on your deep squats, or do some push ups while dinner is cooking. Your body will thank you, and it also gives you at least 10 minutes a day that is dedicated to YOU which is important. 

5. Learn a new skill- If you already work out weekly, it’s time to branch out and try something new. If you are just starting to work out it’s time to learn what you like! Make it a goal to try 1 new class a week at the gym. Or if classes aren’t your thing, work out on a different machine every week. Our body craves work outs of different groups of muscles. And if you make it a goal to try new things it will break up your work outs and make them fun!

What is your fitness goal for this year?

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