20 Ways To Save Money This Summer

20 Ways To Save Money This Summer

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It’s summertime! One of my favorite times of the year because I love getting to spend the summer with my kids. It’s also one of the most expensive times to the year, because kids are home and need to be entertained ha! Also, more people are at home for meal times, more energy gets used, you know, all the good stuff. So it’s important to learn some ways to save money during the summer time. So I thought it would be an awesome idea to make a list of 20 ways to save money this summer for the other parents like me out there that could use a little help keeping our pocketbooks a little safer during the break!

Here are 20 ways to save money this summer:

1. Plan Ahead! Yes, it’s a simple thing to do, but I promise that planning ahead will make unexpected expenses lesson dramatically. If you know you are going somewhere you can set a budget and plan on what you are going to spend what on. Impromptu trips are fun, but they are a strain on the wallet.

2. Never go anywhere without a coupon! Before you leave to go anywhere (out to eat, a local amusement park, pool, etc) check online for a coupon. I bet that almost everywhere you can think of will offer some kind of discount. Don’t forget to check social media too! 

3. Check your local paper! Or your local magazine, town hall, etc. A lot of towns will offer free entertainment and fun during the summer. My town for example offers free movies in the park every Friday!

4. Check that thermostat! I know I know, it gets hot over the summer but if you freeze your house out your electric bill is going to be through the rough. Turning it up a few degrees can really help! Speaking of the thermostat…

5. Turn your thermostat OFF! When you leave I mean of course! If you are heading out for vacation, or going to be out for awhile, turn it off. Or if not off, turn it up and on auto. No need to cool a house no one is in.

6. Pack you lunch! Heading out to the park for the day? Or the beach? Lake? Bring your own food! You will save SO much money bringing your own food versus picking up food on the way. Plus it’s better for you anyways!

7. Let the kids earn some money! If you kids are old enough to have a job, tell them to get one. If they aren’t, they can do things like sell lemonade or cut grass. That way they have their own money if they want to do something over the summer.

8. Hang your clothes out to dry! It’s usually hot and dry in the summer so go old school and hang your clothes to dry outside. It will cut down on your energy bill since you won’t be using your dryer. 

9. Grow a garden! Save money on herbs and veggies by growing your own! Not only will it save money, it will teach your kids how to grow their own food. Win-win!

10. Find out if your state offers tax free weekend! Every year in Tennessee we have a weekend where school supplies and clothes are tax free. It’s a great time to stock up on school supplies, some electronics, and clothes.

11. Check local movie theaters! Most movie theaters have some kind of summer program where they offer movies for really cheap (usually a dollar!). Great way to see a movie and save some money.

12. Plan a Staycation! Save money on a vacation by being a tourist in your own city. You will save on gas and hotel and you might learn something about your city you didn’t know before.

13. Turn down the heat in your hot water heater! I’m going to guess you aren’t going to be taking super hot showers, so save a little cash by turning down the water temperature. 

14. Unplug anything not being used! This is a money saving tip you can actually use all year round. Unplug anything you aren’t currently using. Easy Peasy! 

15. DIY your own personal items! Did you know on average a person spends $400 on personal care items? You can save at least 1/2 of that by making your own. Check pinterest for homemade shampoo recipes, bath scrubs, and more!

16. Reading is fundamental, and free! Head to your local library and check out some new books. They also have movies, magazines, cds, and cookbooks! All for free! 

17. Have a yard sale! Not only will this save money, it will MAKE money! And get rid of clutter. score! 

18. Go swimming! Most local pools are cheap, and some places even have free pools or splash pads. Check out what they have in your town! 

19. Go Bowling! Bowling is pretty cheap to begin with, and a lot of centers have deals on certain days, or even free bowling for kids.

20. Set a summer budget, and stick to it! Set a budget at the beginning of the summer and plan ahead on how it will be spent. Once the money is gone, that’s it! 


There you have it! 20 ways to save money this summer! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Save money by buying anything you need at yard sales. We have saved thousands of dollars over the years by buying used items. Sometimes things are brand new, but turned out to be something the owner didn’t want. I generally pay $2 for a pair of shoes, $1-$2 for tops and pants, 50 cents for books, My husband paid $4 for a $300 Patagonia jacket in perfect condition.

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