Wine Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe for Mother’s Day

wine infused chocolate covered strawberries...

Are you looking for a fun gift to make for mom for Mother’s Day? One that she will love and enjoy every single bite? You have got to check out my wine infused chocolate covered strawberries recipe and make it for someone you love soon!

First gather your ingredients for Wine Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

how to make wine infused chocolate covered strawberries

You’ll need:
white chocolate chips
milk chocolate chips


Next you’ll wash and dry the strawberries. Then use a toothpick to punch holes in the strawberries. Just punch holes all over.

clean and wash strawberries

Then pour wine to cover strawberries. I let mine set for 12 hours. You can do 4-12 hours. I would imagine you don’t get much wine taste at 4 because I did 12 and there’s not much wine taste then either. So the longer the better. But don’t do longer than 12 hours because you don’t want them to become mushy.

add wine to strawberries

Then grab them out of the fridge and drain the wine. I saved my wine because I’m going to do wine infused frozen grapes next. So either drink it, save it or dump it!

wine in strawberries

After you’ve drained the wine then pat the strawberries dry. In a microwave bowl add your chips white in one and chocolate in the other. Then microwave them for 1 minute 20 seconds. Check it every 10 seconds to make sure all the chips are smooth. Then dip your strawberries in chocolates. If you notice the chocolate hardening too soon, you either need to hurry or add a tsp of crisco to your chips and stir together.

strawberries dipped in chocolate

Place them on parchment or wax paper and pop in the fridge when you’re done. Let them sit in the fridge for 20 minutes until they’re set. Eat at your leisure. They’re better than bon bons!

wine infused chocolate covered strawberries recipe

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  1. Anne Marie Carter says:

    I am saving this recipe! I have to make this, this summer!