Fun new ways to hang pictures in your favorite room!

We all have those fun beach pictures we take when we are on vacation. Why not find a way to show them off each and every day in your house? I found a cute way to display them that cost me a total of $15 for 4 pictures. That price includes the frames, pictures that I printed at my local drug store and the hangars and twine too. Check out how I made my beach pictures a part of my home.

driftwood beach pictures

How to milkwash picture frames and driftwood.

So for this project I went to my local lake/river and gathered up driftwood that I found. I made sure the pieces were kind of small. I didn’t want a huge piece of driftwood. Although that might have been cute to hang all 3 pictures on one big piece too. So either way!

I gathered up 4 – 6 pieces of driftwood. This way I can have an extra in case one or two doesn’t work for whatever reason.

Then I milkwashed the driftwood. I used 1 tsp milk and 1/2 cup paint (just the arts and craft kind you get at Walmart or your local hobby store (Apple Barrel?). Mix them together and then paint on the driftwood and the picture frames. Let them dry.

milkwashing driftwood and picture frames

You can purchase new picture frames but you’re going to be painting them. So you can also do what I did and get them for .50/apiece at a yard sale. If you’re going to be painting them I’d buy them used. Wipe them down and then dry. Now paint with the milkwash and allow to dry.

Add your pictures to your frames.

fun ways to display pictures

Next you’ll need a few basic tools to add the picture eyes (hangers) for the twine to go through.

Tools Needed:

We used a hammer, scissors, and a drill.

Items needed:

Eye hangers
picture frame hangers
picture frames
white paint (apple barrel)

adding picture eyes

Then add the twine. You can cut it down smaller later. You want them to be a bit long so that you can get them lined up properly on the wall. You will need to add new picture hangers to the wall. Then you’ll also add picture hangers (the ones with teeth) to the back of the driftwood so that the driftwood attaches to the wall. Then you’ll hang your pictures on the picture hanger on the wall and place the driftwood on top.

centering beach pictures

I love how it turned out! My pictures are smartly displayed with very little cost involved. It would make a great Father’s Day gift or gift for someone you love!

Have you got a unique way you hang your pictures at your house? Share them with me in a comment!

fun ways to display pictures

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