Jacky HaHa Book Club and review #ad #hahabookclub

I’ve partnered with MomSelect to bring you this book review of Jacky HaHa. All opinions are honest and my own!

My daughter and I have had so much fun reading the Jacky Haha book by James Patterson. It’s fun and funny. We’ve shared laughs and smiles and have greatly enjoyed reading it together. It’s got a great main character Jacky. She’s a prankster 12-year-old girl who’s dealing with some heavy stuff. Her way to deal with it is to tell jokes and do pranks. She does that sometimes even when she shouldn’t. My girl and I had so much fun reading this at night before bed. It’s got a story that most girls can relate too. Check out our little review of Jacky Haha by watching our youtube video below.

As you can see by the video it was a book the whole family got into! My girl has taken this book everywhere. We went on a short day trip and that book was with us. She takes it to school every single day to read in her spare time. She reads it while we eat and when she’s ready for bed. It’s been a source of joy for her and I to share reading this book at night together. I’m so glad we were chosen to read it and do a review. We will be buying more in this line that James Patterson has come out with. The funny thing is my hubby loves James Patterson books. My son has the iFunny books too. We are a huge James Patterson family. This book was no exception. He wrote a great story for the tween girl set with Jacky HaHa. We’re so happy to have had the opportunity to read it and share it with you. If you have a 9-14 year old girl who has a birthday coming up then this book is a must give in my opinion. They will love it. They will have a new found love of James Patterson and it will be a fun book to share with their family. Any reason to ignite reading is a great reason and at a birthday this book will be a hit. This book will help ignite reading for the tween set.

jacky haha found at online stores and walmart, target, barnes and noble

I found my book at Wal-Mart. You can find it wherever books are sold, such as Target and Barnes and Noble. Or you can grab it from Amazon here!

Have you read Jacky Haha? Are you fans of James Patterson? What’s your favorite book? Leave me a comment!

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  1. I see commercials for this all hthe time. It sounds like so much fun for moms and their daughters.

  2. My oldest grandson loves all the kids books by James Patterson and I love all the adult books by him. I don’t know if he has read this one or not. I’ll ask and make sure it’s on the list of must reads. I may read it too.

  3. This looks adorable! I knew James Patterson wrote kids books but I thought they were all mysteries. This one sounds fun.

  4. It looks like a really interesting book that got the whole family hooked. That’s a nice idea of having a common book where everyone can talk about it in a discussion type setting.

  5. Sounds like fun. I bet our granddaughter would enjoy these. I’ve never heard of them, but our daughter may have. I’m going to ask her.

  6. These sound like fun. My daughter really liked James Patterson’s Middle School series, so I’ll have to introduce her to these, too!

  7. This sounds like fun, my son is big into reading I will check out some books for him. I’m always looking for less gross books for him. lol

  8. Love James Patterson. We have his tween book Public School Superhero. I agree, these are books the whole family from tween up can enjoy.

  9. I would love to ready this book. Sounds very interesting. I’ll check it out soon

  10. I love reading books and this sounds like a great read!! Can’t wait to check it out!!

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