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Cat’s are so fun! My cat is under two. That makes her still a kitten. We are all in love with her. I set out the other day to make her some fun toys. She’s got some toys but she gets bored quickly. So it’s fun to have other toys for her as back ups.

inexpensive cat toys made at home

My cat was a stray we took in as a tiny kitten. Once she came to live with us we were all about her. I love taking care of her and getting her what she needed. I bought her food and then grabbed up some kitty litter. I found Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze and it is our go to litter. I just compared it to another brand and this brand did it’s job on the 7th day much better than the other brand we used. The ammonia smell just wasn’t there. It uses Borate Technology and keeps the ammonia smell under wraps. It acts as a microbial agent which tends to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria. Therefore I didn’t find an ammonia smell. Believe me I noticed it wasn’t there! The scent has a light lemongrass scent.

Oreo loves fresh step litter

Oreo approved and loves her Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze.

This is what it looks like in my hand! It’s not the sand looking litter but it is clumping litter and it works so very well.

fresh step odor control litter

I was beyond impressed with Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze and will be returning to get it only at Sam’s Club again. It’s in a 42 lb bag that is resealable. This makes it easy to get the litter out of! It’s also got a money back guarantee on the bag. If you go and pick it up in May there’s a coupon in the Sam’s Club May Instant Savings guide for $3.50 off (5-5 through 6-5)! You can find the instant savings guide in your mailbox, on signs around the store or at If it’s in the Savings Guide it’s also already loaded on your card. What a savings that will be. I will go back and get another for her to take advantage of that $3.50 off in May for sure! Check out where I found it at Sam’s!

fresh step kitty litter at sams

It was on the same aisle as the pet items.

Now here’s how I made my sweet kitten Oreo 4 toys from things I already had around the house.

cat toys with toilet tubes

First I gathered up something we all throw away each and every day, toilet paper tubes. After looking at them I had inspiration strike! When my first cat was young I used to give her milk rings to play with. I wanted to make some for Oreo. Here’s what you need.

items needed to make these 4 toys

The only thing I needed to make these toys were scissors, toilet paper tubes, cat treats (for the next toy), and a marker.

So for this one you take the tube and you cut through the tube. Once completely cut through the tube you round it back out and put it on the floor for your cat to play with!

cut through the outside of the tube for cat toy rings

And cut all the way through and rounded back out!

rounded rings cut through

She enjoyed these so much. I had fun making them for her and then watching her playing!
cat toy in her mouth and beside her...

The second toy I made was a snack attack! I took a toilet tube. You cut two slits on each end of the tube and then you’re able to fold sides down. Almost like your wrapping the end of a present.

cut slits and fold down

Cut slits and fold down.

snack attack how to make and fold

Like you see above you simply cut slits in each side and folded them over like an apple turnover container. Then I hid snacks inside and let her figure out how to get them out. It didn’t take her long at all! You can tape one end up so she can only get treats out of one end if you have a really smart cat!

butt wiggle attack mode cat toy

Oreo had the butt wiggle going to attack her snack attack.

She loved the snack attack idea! She batted it around and had fun being able to get a treat!

Our third item was one that would have her feeling like it was attacking her.

cat toy toilet tube attack mode

So take the tube and stand it up. On one end I cut slits about 1 inch down the tube.

cut 1 inch down each side

Then do it again on the other end of the tube.

kicking toy in process

Then you bend some out and leave some up. You can see this above. I did the same thing to the other end.This way she could get her kicking in. She loves kicking things and she loved this so much. Check her out in her picture! She had the butt wiggle going on and was about to pounce when I took this pic.

butt wiggle attack mode cat toy

The last is a life hack. My kids love to have Easter egg hunts. We would hide the eggs and they find them. Well then my cat would pull them out of the kids’ Easter baskets and bat them all around the house. We now save them for her! She loves nothing more than playing with the easter eggs in our baskets! Oh on another note when kittens or cats are awaiting adoptions they can use our plastic Easter eggs too. It helps them pass the time and gives them something to play with. So make sure you donate your plastic eggs when you’re done with them. Don’t throw them out donate to a rescue!

With this tutorial I was also able to help out a rescue. That made me so happy. To give $100 to donate to my favorite rescue so that they can continue to help animals that need it was such a bonus for me to do today!

If you’ve ever dealt with that ammonia smell make sure you check out Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze. You won’t find that smell as noticeable again! Have you made cat toys before? What else could you use to make fun inexpensive cat toys? Share them with me in a comment!

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  1. Cats are brilliant. I love how they can be entertained by really simple things. My cats love a piece of string! It keeps them entertained for ages.

  2. Our kittens used to steal the kids toys to play with. We found that buying the cats toys was a waste of money..they weren’t interest in the little mice or balls.

  3. We don’t use anything else but Fresh Step. We’ve been using it for years all because it works.

  4. My cats always enjoyed the feather chaser the best. I no longer have a cat though. These are great toys to keep them active.

    I had one cat that liked a clown wig. She would knead it.

  5. It amazes me the things that cats choose as toys! We’re a dog family right now, but we’ve been wanting to add a cat. We move into our house near the end of next month and as soon as we’re unpacked and settled, we plan to adopt 🙂

  6. I love this. I have 3 cats, and I’m sure all of them would love something like this. So much fun to be had by them!

  7. I have two cats and I bet my cats would love this upcycling idea!! Love this post!

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