How to get your teen to college #ad #CollegeAveLoans @CollegeAveLoans

how to get your teen to college

As a parent have you thought about college? One day you’re going to blink and they’re going to be grown. I kid you not. It happened to me!

\graduation and on to college

This is my graduate. He is a source of unlimited pride and joy. He graduated last year and life in college has begun! I had no idea how we were going to pay for it. If you’re unsure like I was, College Ave loans has a new loan. It’s called the parent loan. This way we can pay for their college and it not be a weight on their back. It comes with a lower fee (with qualifying credit) and no origination points. College Ave Student Loans new parent loan gives qualified parent borrowers a nice savings of around $1,000 vs. the Federal Direct Parent Plus program. They also give you a discount if you decide to work on paying it back while they’re still in school.

brennan and his violin He has a love of music and playing the violin. He took that with him to the college he currently goes to.

The College Ave loans will also direct deposit the money into the parent account for you to distribute for their books, classes and needs they might have. What a great tool for parents! You can see if you qualify for the parent qualification loan tool here. I love that they offer this. I think it’s such a helpful way to get your kid through college if they can’t get a loan or grants and scholarships. They have tools on their site that even help the student see if he qualifies for a student loan.

My son as he goes through the admissions class on campus

In the above photo we spent a weekend on campus going through the admissions process. It was an amazing experience. He loved it almost as much as I did. This is, afterall, my alma mater. I’m so proud that he’s making his dreams a reality and going to college. His future is so bright!

college makes your future so bright A beautiful sunset symbolizing how bright his future is!

IF you’re worrying about paying for college remember College Ave loans. They’re here to help you and your child achieve a goal of going to college!

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  1. My stepson is a freshman in college and he joined the military to pay for it. He hardly has any out of pocket expenses because the military pays for it all.

  2. This is good information for parents with college bound students. If there is a savings of $1,000 over the Parent Plus Loan, that is huge! We are still paying for college. We had 3 in college at one time! Any kind of savings is a good savings when it comes to paying for college.

  3. Congrats to your son! Thankfully all of my kids have graduated college. They grow up so fast and you always think you have more time to save. This is great info!

  4. I have to admit I didn’t do college – I got accepted a couple of years running but wasn’t well enough, I do start Uni from home but my health declined again perhaps one day I’ll manage to complete. x

  5. Great info! We still have a bit to go but i’m always thinking about this. It’s a bit different here, and most kids either don’t go or pay for themselves i want to help my kids!

  6. Wow this is good to know! I can’t believe how much student loan debt our world is in. I hope one day I am able to help my kids out too

  7. College seems a much bigger thing in the States than it is here in the UK. In America it seems everyone sees it as the next step in education. Over here only about half of school kids go on to higher education. Either way though it is seriously expensive!

  8. Oh congratulations to your son! My kiddos are years from college but I’m definitely going to have to remember this in the future!

  9. Post secondary education is not cheap so it is great programs like this exist. I went to school in Ontario Canada and got all the loans I needed from the government.

  10. My kids are 6 years old and 7years old, and I know they’re going to be in college tomorrow (well that’s how fast it will feel!) seems like yesterday they were babies! anyways, this is great to know there are options out there to help pay for college… My parents did not have much and couldn’t help pay for my college… it was a struggle to pay it all by myself, working full time and being a full time student! thanks for sharing!

  11. My daughter is two and I ALREADY worry about being able to send her to college (if that is the path she chooses). I was on my own after high school and struggled so much that I didn’t want the same for her, we started a fund for her before her first birthday and continue to contribute to it twice a month.

  12. My kids are still young but we will be on the college journey soon enough. Theses are important tips to remember.

  13. Big congrats to your son! My son graduated college last year, and my daughter began this year. It is amazing the cost. You have to great info here.

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