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I don’t know about you but my cat is a big part of my family. We love her like a spoiled child because that’s how she acts! She’s so fun! Do you have a cat that doesn’t play as much anymore? Why not try out something new that your cat will love? Do what I did and get a few of the cat toys from Petmate® and Jackson Galaxy™. They have such a nice selection of high quality cat toys! Then your cat can act as crazy as mine! She’s so much fun. Check out some of my pics and I’ll explain!

picking out her own Jackson Galaxy toy Now this is after I had just gotten my box. I opened it up and took a few pics. Then I was getting dinner ready and had to move the box off the table. So I moved it into a chair. She knew they were her toys and she grabbed her favorite one out and ran down the hall to play with it by herself without us! LOL How funny is that?

jackson galaxy toys for cat review She brought me what I call the bird toy with a laser. She loves this toy. We take it and swing it around and it looks like a bird flying. She attacks it. She also has to share the bird with her dog brothers who for some reason think this is a great toy too! LOL On this toy is a laser attached. We can attach it to our finger and point it at the floor. My cat loves to attack the laser. She actually knows where we keep it and sits and cries at it and us until we get it and play with her. She’s so sweet! This toy is her favorite. Check out her playing with her bird toy!

I love the toy vault they sent us!

fun toys from jackson galaxy for cats to play with and get their play back

They also sent us a toy vault. That’s where I’m able to keep all the toys we have for her that aren’t too big. I made her some toys too and we keep them in there. You can add catnip to the sides and bottom. This way the toys all smell like catnip and get her to play more. She loves her toys we keep in the vault! Check out how it works!

So we also received the worm toy and her kicking toy. Funny thing about that kicking toy…the dogs love it! I need to put it in the vault and let it soak in the catnip so she can really enjoy it too. All in all Oreo approved and loved her Jackson Galaxy toys. She’s had great fun picking them out of her box and playing with them! It’s been so fun to watch! Are you wondering where you can get your cat toys so your get becomes playful again? Grab them from here Jackson Galaxy and PetMate Products.

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Is your cat still playful? What would be his/her favorite toy from this set?

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  1. My cat would love the Air Prey Wand toy, she’s a big fan of these types of toys.

  2. I think my cat would enjoy playing with the Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy

  3. Our cats would really love the Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy. They all like playing with these kind of toys.

  4. I think my cats would love the Jackson Galaxy Space Station Cat Toy product

  5. My cats would love the Jackson Galaxy™ Space Station Cat Toy. They love track toys, and with the bowl shape I know they would love climbing inside.

  6. My cat would definitely like the crawl tunnel. She’d go nuts running in and out of it and hiding in it.

  7. I think the Pipster would love the Jackson Galaxy™ Sprial Swat & Scratch Cat Toy.

  8. My cat would go crazy over the Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy.

  9. Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy is the toy Max would leave my feet alone.

  10. My two cats would love the Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy
    Item: 36-5246698

  11. I’d love the Jackson Galaxy™ Air Prey & Laser Teaser Cat Toy for my cat!

  12. i want to get my baby the Jackson Galaxy™ The Vault Marinater Cat Toy – Catnip

  13. All 3 would love the Cat Crawl Tunnel. They love to crawl in and out of things.
    Laurie Emerson

  14. My cat Fluffy would just love the “Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Prey Teaser Cat Toy”

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