DIY Infused Olive Oil

DIY Infused Olive Oil

DIY Infused Olive Oil Mother’s day is only a few weeks away! Have you thought of how you are going to celebrate the mother in your life? You know I love a good (and easy) DIY project any time of the year, but I love making DIY gifts the most! My mom has recently gotten the “chef bug” and has been in the kitchen whipping up delicious treats, so I know I wanted to go with some kind of cooking gift for Mothers Day. Then the idea of a DIY Infused Olive Oil was born! Olive oil is something that a lot of people use every day in cooking, so how fun is it to add a little flavor to you oil? 

Making this DIY Infused Olive Oil is SO simple, and it looks really pretty in the bottle. I chose to use Thai Chili because my mom is a lover of all things spicy. But you could use any herbs or spices you want to! 

Here is how to make this DIY Infused Olive Oil gift:

DIY Infused Olive Oil

You Will Need:

  • Olive Oil
  • Herb or Spice of choice (I would highly suggest using dried herbs and spices. They won’t wilt)
  • Glass bottles (I got the really cute bottles pictured above at the dollar tree!)
  • Optional: Labels for your bottles 

infused olive oil craft

Step 1: Start by making sure your bottles are clean and dust free. Add your herbs or spices first into the bottle. You don’t want to stuff them full, but you will want a good amount in there so you will have a lot of flavor in your oil.

infused olive oil DIY

Step 2: Now it’s time to get that oil in there! Using a funnel is way easier and helps you not to make a mess. Once all your oil is in, cap your bottle and give it a little shake. Doesn’t it look pretty!? Make sure there isn’t any oil on the outside of your bottle and add a label and there you have it, all done!

infused oil

That’s it! Only 2 steps and a few minutes of your time and you have a really pretty DIY Infused Olive Oil that is perfect for Mothers Day or any other holiday. These oils can last a long time if they are stored in a cool place. Enjoy!

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