Gwen Stefani’s “This is What the Truth Feels Like” Album Review #ad #thisiswhatthetruthfeelslike #GwenO2O

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Gwen Stefani’s “This is What the Truth Feels Like” Album Review

I’ve been a huge Gwen Stefani fan for over 20 years. I loved her No Doubt years a LOT. I can sing so many of her songs, especially Don’t Speak, and really belt them out. So much so that you’re looking at me like the cat below if you’re in the next car over.

gwen stefani album review  this is what the truth feels like

Her first three songs are pure Gwen.

I love Misery. It’s soulful and totally a Gwen song! That’s what I love about this album. You’re like drugs to me! So put me out of my misery! Hurry up and come see me! Such a fun toe tapping song! Here’s her video for you to enjoy!

Her next song You’re My Favorite has a plucky fun intro. I really like the beginning of this song. But out of everything you’re my favorite will be your next favorite song! She gets her soul back into this song. I just love how upbeat and funky it is. The rest of the album is just as good!

You simply must check out her album for yourself. You will not be disappointed if you’re a huge Gwen fan like I am!

gwen stefani album this is what the truth feels like review

Here’s where you can download her album at for your listening pleasure.

You can get special bonus features by ordering through her site. The Gwen Stefani site has limited availability of special bundles. The following is a link to purchase bundles.

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Gwen’s sold 30 million albums as the lead for No Doubt and on her own. This one will help that number explode. Her first digital download was HollaBack Girl and it sold over a million and was her first million digital download. This album will catapult her right back up there! Congrats Gwen on an album well done. Are you a Gwen Stefani fan? What’s your favorite song? Leave me a comment and let me know. My favorite is Don’t Speak!

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