Shaving Cream Easter Eggs Tutorial

Are you looking for a fun way to decorate Easter Eggs?

Do you want it to be art inspired? Check out my tutorial on how to make shaving cream easter eggs tutorial. Check out the beauty of it below!

shaving cream Easter Eggs

Here’s the ingredients you need to make the Shaving Cream Easter Eggs!

shaving cream easter eggs ingredients needed

baking pan
food coloring
hard boiled eggs
paper towels
straws to swirl (I used glass dharma reusable straws)


shaving cream fun

We (my girl and I) sprayed the baking sheet with three lines of shaving cream. Then we dripped food coloring in various spots on the shaving cream. We then swirled the colors together. After we had it the way we wanted it we then Put the eggs in the middle of the shaving cream.

shaving cream easter eggs instructions

Then using our straw we covered (rolled) the egg on all sides completely in the shaving cream. We let them dry for over an hour. Just sitting to the side of all the shaving cream. This is the messiest part. We took paper towels and wiped the eggs clean. It took about one towel per egg. After wiping them clean we put them in a bowl in the fridge until we were ready to eat them. Here’s the finished product.

shaving cream eggs

It gave them kind of a pebbled look. They turned out really pretty but subtle. I used brown farm fresh eggs so I’m not sure how much more vibrant they would turn out if you use white store eggs. Are you looking for other Easter ideas?

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