Online workout videos are available for everyone anywhere

We cut our gym membership back in October. I thought well that’s the end of my working out. But it’s not. I have worked out more consistently since I ditched my gym membership. I think because I want to prove to myself that I can still get a good burn in even at home. I have been looking where I can find good workout videos and here’s what I found out!

free online workout videos

I turned on netflix to see if there were still workouts there. I found 0. I was so sad. But then I checked out Amazon video. I found quite a few that were free with Amazon prime. So I did a gymbox cardio kickboxing workout. I definitely feel properly worked out. My legs are tired. I will be sore tomorrow and I love it! So if you’re looking for workout videos check out Amazon video with prime. You can also choose to rent workout videos.

I saw that hulu has some too. I don’t have a hulu membership anymore and didn’t want to sign up for a trial to check. But it looks like they had a good selection. (Tell me if I’m wrong!)

You can access videos on youtube all the time. Some of my favorite channels are on BeFit and PopSugar. You do have to have a high speed connection but if you’re already paying for one like me then why not take advantage of free workouts!

I’ve lost inches since I quit my gym. It fits into my schedule and I can do it whenever I’m ready and wherever. Whether I’m travelling or at home I can access these great videos and get a workout in. It’s a good thing!

You can go to sites and join for a month or so and try out workout videos too. Check these subscription sites out if you’re interested.

Do you workout at home or at a gym? Don’t leave without grabbing my printable fitness trackers set. It tracks water, workouts, food and is just a great tool for you to use at home with your at home workouts! Can’t beat free!

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